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  1. Darknight

    Calling iBright, Ben, Blank, Decker, Jan, Dan the Irishman and co

    And co is everyone else. I could be here all day listing you guys. Surly some of you still pop in, also that guy from Melb that kept leaving funny reps on eBay about his sister and enjoyed heavy metal where you at? Hi! What you been up to?
  2. Darknight

    Direct Admin hosting with DNS Control

    Can anyone direct me to a host using direct admin, that's been around a while? Mainly need DNS control and to host a small website for my Wurm server
  3. Darknight

    Good bye.

    I have requested a ban and purposly insulted the owner. Have a nice life guys! See you all in the next life <3
  4. Darknight

    Please ban this account.

    Topic says it all. Cheers.
  5. Darknight

    Goat man.. robbing all your stuffs

    Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. Vigilantes seized the black and white goat, saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into an animal to escape after trying to steal a Mazda 323. 'The group of vigilante men came...
  6. Darknight

    Woops you murdered English.

    Now I am not the best speller in the world, far from it.. I "muck" (because the other word is censored.) up grammer all the time and make a mess of English BUT: Atleast I try to make sense and dont talk lyk dis murdain da engr lan... Hey! if you come from a English speaking country you can...
  7. Darknight

    Gays just not sweet enough says Cathloic church.

    http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,766281,00.html Lol, just lol.
  8. Darknight

    War on drugs utter fail

    Thats the new claim many are making. What do you think? I agree with the report. Making pot and weak stims like coke BZP illegal have only lead to people buying illegal E/Meth, which is brain murder. Legalize pot, coke and weak chemical stims like BZP, tax it and use the tax for rehab...
  9. Darknight

    wth is "planking"?

    People been going on about it on facebook people have created many likes about it, but iv never heard of it.
  10. Darknight

    New games!

    Whats everyone been playing latley? Empire: total war has been fun but now I am over it, even on really hard it sucks. I need something new, I know about the uprising of shotgun2 but ya.
  11. Darknight


    Another name for gay.
  12. Darknight

    Webhost for small forum.

    Need 1GB or higher HDD. 20GB or higher BW. Cpanel please. And all the normal fetures. Rather pay 3-6 monthly host needs to have been alive for a long time, def no one under 1 year. I like to up this site and forget about it, (apart from the backups I take) so people who have fail safe data...
  13. Darknight

    Sexual meditation

    Its fun, I discovered it by having a creative mind. I was listening to a breathing meditiation CD and thought "This would work with stroking" And so I tried it. Now I have full power over my orgasm
  14. Darknight

    Disadvantages of working with build-a-host. (DO NOT DO IT!)

    I guess the number 1 disadvantage of working with build-a-host is his a idiot that sells you off when your not even around to another idiot who ups the price of your hosting for no reason at all. Not to mention he ripped me off for 2 months. If I was in his country id soon go and knock him flat...
  15. Darknight

    The nazis never actually died.

    Did they even find Hitlers real body and have 100% proof of it? Im struggling to find a source that says "yes"
  16. Darknight

    Reason why I think the NWO is a dumb j0ke.

    Ok... no one is trying to mass enslave the entire world but; Many are making loads of money off our corrupt money system. Many are making loads of money by supressing clean energy. All the goverments are complelty screwed and are taking rights away, because YOU let them. But no, this does...
  17. Darknight

    I was not trolling but..

    I am not a Christian anymore, I started to read the Old Test and quickly realized Jehovah is a crazed manic that has no self control and is easily maniplated in to extreme rage by humans, even though he claims to be better than humans. I come to realize that if he is real, hell would be better...
  18. Darknight


    Hardly been here in the past month and pretty much nothings changed, post more :\ ffs.
  19. Darknight

    Sex with mum and dad

    Has anyone heard of this show? its on MTV, besides the ----ed up title of the show, its actually pretty funny.
  20. Darknight

    Is money really worth more than the paper its written on?

    Who could care for paper money, which is worth only the paper its written on. You buy things from money only because people actually beleive money is worth something! If you give me gold, I know I am rich, but if you give me money I will ask "When will this become useful only for lighting...