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    PHP/MySQL - Check for duplicate rows

    Basically I have a user signup/login system on a MySQL backend. However, visitors can sign up multiple times with the same username. How would I get MySQL to check if there already exists the username in the database? The table is like this id username password email 1 blahblahb blahblah...
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    What's this?

    Why is my name bold? :o
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    PHUZiON.com Review and Site Help

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I last posted here. I would like you guys to review my site, www.phuzion.com Most people say that the layout is straightforward and very easy to navigate. How are the tutorials? Are they clear and easy to follow? What can I improve on? If you have any...
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    Insane Mario Gameplay

    http://www.phuzion.com/files/moSMB3.wmv 11 MB This guy beats the entire game in 11 mins. Finishes off a level in 10 seconds.
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    LCD Problems

    I think these 3 problems on my laptop just started 2 days ago. My screen is completely washed out. It is way too bright, and even through much adjusting of the brightness and color settings, it doesn't make it better. Also, there are gray lines across the screen when I'm moving a window...
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    Gray Lines across the screen

    I have a 17" NEC LCD monitor and just recently, there has been gray lines across the screen. I'm wondering if it's the monitor or the graphics card's problem..
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    Is it normal for the bottom of a router to be extremely hot? Is it normal for the bottom of a laptop to be extremely hot with a wireless notebook adapter card inserted? When I take it out, the metal is so hot that I can barely hold it in my hands. I'm wouldn't be surprised if one day my...
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    Saving username/password option doesn't work

    In IE, whenever the little login form pops up and I type everything in and check the 'Remember' option and it never remembers it .. is it a bug or something?
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    Uni.cc Reopens

    www.uni.cc Brand new look and everything. Check it out. ;)
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    [PHP] Store data sent through form

    I am a complete newbie to PHP. Currently, I'm reading the PHP documentation from php.net. I need a simple script that will save the data from a textarea and still be able to retrieve it so I can view it later. For example: form.php Shows the textarea, processes the form, and saves it into a...
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    Windows XP Problem

    I enabled the "hide files and folders from other users" option for my account, and I don't like it because I have to install the same program again for a different account. How do you disable it? While I'm at the topic of Windows XP, how do you change the theme to Silver or Olive Green...
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    New Host [1 GB Space]

    http://www.grizzlyhost.com 1 GB Space Unlimited Transfer No content restrictions (adult/warez/cracking/hacking/mp3 content welcome) No Ads PHP SSI File Manager OC-192 Connection 99.9% Uptime No FTP however ..
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    Buying a Laptop

    I am going to buy a Laptop soon, and I want to know if this deal is good: Intel Pentium 4 Processor at 2.4 GHz 512MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM (256MB x 2) 15" XGA Display (1024 x 768) NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go graphics controller with 32 MB video memory 40GB HDD (4200rpm) DVD/CD-RW Agere 128-bit...
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    Who is this?

    I knew I saw him on FWS.net somewhere, but I can't find his username. Attached was his avatar. Can anyone help? :cool:
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    New Avatar

    New avatar! :D
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    PHP Image Upload Script

    Is there a good, simple one? I just need it to show an upload dialog and let the user upload image files only to my server that is under a certain file size. Need it for a free image hosting service. :D Thanks!
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    Images and ZIP File Storage

    http://www.iupload.net .gif .jpg .jpeg .png .bmp .zip .JPG .PNG .GIF allowed 2 MB File Size Limit Enjoy and please don't abuse it!
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    Buying another one ..

    Is there a place that shows you all the available 3 character domain names?
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    What are the referrals in your profile? It says I have 2 of them.
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    999 Posts!

    Only 1 more till custom title! :D