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    I need some input on this build.

    My girlfriends laptop recently bit the dust, and we've decided that putting the $300 it would cost to replace the motherboard towards a new desktop would be the best choice. I've not build a computer for years, and I am not familiar at all with the latest hardware. I've done some reading and...
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    Tell them your hooker story.
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    Happy Birthday to BV

    IT would be a crying shame if this special day was forgotten or overlooked by FWS. Happy Birthday. Enjoy tonight's celebrations and I may even have a drink in your honour.
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    The Peanut Butter/Gravy Rule

    I have come to the conclusion that most foods will taste better with peanut butter on them. Those foods that would not favor peanut butter will, as a rule, taste good with gravy. I cannot think of a single exception.
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    Mspaint is the medium with which I most enjoy expressing myself
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    heh, not cool

    I got sucked into trying out World of Warcraft. and I liked it. .... My woman brought it home and poopsocked the whole first weekend she had it. I berated her, made fun of her, timed her sessions and told her she's not allowed to stop washing or making me sandwiches. aaand...
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    A Question for Bouncer NICK

    I'm not 100% sure what sort of establishment you're working at, but do you ever get inappropriate attention from older ladies. i.e Cougars? If so, what do you do? This has absolutely nothing to do with anything aside from the fact I was reminiscing over my years in the service industry. The...
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    Dont F--- With The Rickroll

    I love the internet. I've been laughing for awhile now. I'm up to speed on the whole rickroll thing now (finally) That highschool musical girl Ashley Tisdale does a version of "never gonna give you up" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9HSaVGnCzM I guess that has caused RAGE amongst...
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    I love this.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9tUyTCD9ws Pretty much the only reason I watch that channel (much music, which has gone to complete ---- in the past few years) is for this commercial. Actually most of there promo ads are either funny, or completely ----ed. Can you imagine doing what he does...
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    I don't even think I have to comment on this one.
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    Guess who's old?

    :beer:, Blank. Happy 25th. Here's to you and at least 25 more big ones. (you're welcome to some free candy anytime ;))
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    I Really, Really want one of these.

    If you had one, where would you put it?
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    This has made my year so far.

    I was driving around with a couple friends earlier today and we needed to fill up. We pulled into the self serve part of the station and proceeded to refuel. The gas station guy was at some lady's window and she was like "excuse me son, could you get me a coke and a pack of cigarettes...
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    A$s shot may cost ABC $1.4 million

    Have you seen this story? :eek3: The FCC is proposing a fine of $1.4 million because ABC showed a woman's butt on NYPD Blue back in 2003. According to the FCC the scene was indecent because "it depicts sexual organs and excretory organs — specifically an adult woman's buttocks." But it's OK...
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    Haha at this guy.

    I don't use the term "Owned" much, but I think it is deserved in this case. http://www.houston-imports.com/forums/showthread.php?t=437458 :lol:
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    How many five year olds could you take in a fight?

    27 for me... no fighting background, but I don't like kids much. http://www.howmanyfiveyearoldscouldyoutakeinafight.com/
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    AC Slatering

    As defined here Fing Classic
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    Sad, America, just Sad.

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    Live Music

    Everyone likes music. Some of us take it beyond home listening and attend live shows. Live shows are awesome. What bands have you seen live? Is your favourite band live the same as your regular same band? What do you think makes for a good show? Given my location (small city remote wastern...
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    St. Patrick's day Troubleshooting Guide

    SYMPTOM CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Feet cold and wet Glass Being held at incorrect angle. Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling Feet warm and wet Improper Bladder Control Stand next to nearest dog, complain about lack of house training Beer unusually pale and...