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  1. qq8892

    1KHosted.COM 500MB SPACE

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  2. qq8892

    FREE HOSTING, 30GB Webspace, 100GB Bandwidth INSTANT ACTIVATION, 100% UPTIME

    Promote code doesn't work *** PAYMENT DETAILS *** Cart Total £ 50.00 Total Discount £ 0.00 Sub Total £ 50.00 Total Tax @ 0.00% £ 0.00 Total £ 50.00 Monthly Price £ 0.00 (£ 0.00 plus tax) Quarterly Price £ 0.00 (£ 0.00...
  3. qq8892

    offering 1 free proxy host

    proxy host Any requirement?
  4. qq8892

    5GB & 15GB BW | PHP5 & mySQL/cPanel & Fantastico | Instant Activation!

    Great plan but the redirection function in cpanel is failed so we can not setup any subdomain or adddomain ( all redirect into public_html) Why don't add Ads automatically by system?
  5. qq8892

    AHPlace.com - Installatron - Instant Activation - 24/7 Support

    never know when they really offer you free hosting keep waiting ... waiting ...:confused4
  6. qq8892

    Your Free Host Package - 25GB Disk Space/ 100GB Data Transfer

    accept and then deny not reliable offer
  7. qq8892

    NWH Networks - Free Hosting || cPanel and more

    Apply for nwhSmall already! Waiting for further instruction:beer:
  8. qq8892

    5GB diskspace and 20GB transfer

    I wish you can host my flash gaming sites Since you do not accept PM, you can PM me if available
  9. qq8892

    Free Cpanel Hosting - 1-10 GB space - 10-30 GB Bandwidth

    Posted application for plan "ready"
  10. qq8892

    Free&Premium plans |·|Instant activation |·|Ftp|·| cPanel 11 |·| exellent support|·|

    Your outdated(2007-8-3) key Only for two accounts uni.cc domain What we can expect from you?:confused4
  11. qq8892

    Allowing ten (10) cPanel Accounts - Act Fast

    PM sent already thanks
  12. qq8892

    Allowing ten (10) cPanel Accounts - Act Fast

    I do not get the Account's information yet It seem not to be setup immediately
  13. qq8892

    TeppaWeb Free! | 8 Teppa Plan One Free | 5 Teppa Plan Two Free | 2 Teppa R1 Free!

    Teppa is the best! Do you accept other languages right now?
  14. qq8892

    need 500M space/100G BW

    Thanks However, Layeredpanel always limit a lot of php function so our forum can not run smoothly.(Not absolutely, it can run smoothly on two LP system but their IPs were banned by CN) As I mentioned above, toxhost is fine but my forum can not run smoothly on its server for limitation...
  15. qq8892

    need 500M space/100G BW

    My forum is growing and there are new registered members not less than 500 per day. In fact, new member increase 15000 from last month. I don't want to add any ADs on it at that moment.
  16. qq8892

    HostinMe In the UK

  17. qq8892

    need 500M space/100G BW

    Thanks I got two hosting before but they could not last for longer I6 can provide 500GB but they do not allow porn site. ULMB allow porn site but they restrict the coverage of their members. I tried toxhost(10GB/100GB) few days ago. It is fine but it is not suitable for my forum...
  18. qq8892

    need 500M space/100G BW

    I am holding a Porn Forum with 60000+ members. I need CP/DA Panel with 300~500M space and 60GB~100GB bandwidth per month. I accept to place your standard banner "486x60" on my homepage.
  19. qq8892

    South East Asia Free Hosting (CHINA/HK/MY/SG)

    Nice server! thanks