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    Review Codetricks.com

    From what I've tested you'll need to use the second method for multiple page types: <FILES articles> ForceType application/x-httpd-php </FILES> <FILES files> ForceType application/x-httpd-php </FILES> <FILES tests> ForceType application/x-httpd-php </FILES>
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    Review Codetricks.com

    Hi: Just wondering what you guys think of http://www.codetricks.com , especially in the area of design and load time. It's a tutorials site on various programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript etc. Thanks,
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    same as phptriad?

    PHPDev is a good one: http://firepages.com.au
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    Newbie MySQL question

    An sample syntax to creating a table would be: create table myprefix_table1( field1 int unsigned, field 2 text )
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    credit card payments on my site ?

    Pay Systems seems to be getting some good reviews elsewhere: http://www.paysystems.com I'm currently deciding btw that and 2checkout.com.
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    Anyone see the new Lord of the Rings?

    I've seen the first LOTR movie, and will see the second soon. Seems like I'm the only one among my friend who didn't think the movie was all that great. It was long, lost focus a lot of the time, and the battle scenes were just a little unbelievable and boring. But apparently thats just me.
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    Best PHP/MySQL Book

    PHP and mysql web development is good. Half way through it right now.
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    virtual dedicated server

    Remarkablehosting.com comes to mind.
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    Myacen Raises Prices

    I wonder how much of a price increase one can expect. I'm currently assessing between a few hosts for a site, myacen being one of them.
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    Does your site support php/mysql? If so, there are a number of free Live Journal "look alike" scripts out there, such as moveabletype.org, pmachine.com etc. They are all free for non commerical sites.
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    An array question

    Arrays are just a robust form of variables, so if you find variables useful (or necessary), then arrays can only be more so :)
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    looking for feedback on dreamhost.com

    That was exactly one of the main reasons why I hadn't gone with them. Seems like they cut back on a lot of the standard features like cgi unless you sign up for their mid+ packages.
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    Whats your favorite movie?

    Right after watching, I would say Braveheart and Terminator 2.
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    looking for feedback on dreamhost.com

    I've heard a lot of good things about dreamhost. Checking their prices now it seems they have gone down quite a bit compared to when I was interested in them.
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    E-Mail forms with JavaScript?

    There's no way to reliably email forms using any client side language. I would check out the Form scripts listed at cgi-resources.com, which require CGI.
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    Question about jobs

    Hmmm...wouldn't you have to buy clothing either way? By clothing I mean non work clothes. To your question, I would do what motivates me more, considering both are fairly similar in terms of benifits/ pay.
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    In-Browser Popups

    This is another form of the DHTML pop in that seem to be quite popular amongst webmasters: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/dropinbox.htm It's dismissble, though the fact it animates itself into view means it's attention grabbing.
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    Do you use a firewall Jan? They really do work. A good one I use is BlackIce (networkice.com)
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    Recommended hosts here on this forum

    Hay Jan :) A mod I see heh. Back to the thread, I think I need to stress I'm not looking for personal recommendations, but rather, renowned hosts discussed here that most people can agree are good. Thanks,
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    Windows XP and scan disk?

    Beautiful, thanks. Don't know why XP decided to hide this feature though.