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  1. somik

    Webspace for PHP developer

    NVM! I got the offer as soon as i posted it. Thankyou :D PLEASE CLOSE THE THREAD. .
  2. somik

    Webspace for PHP developer

    Requirements: Must be cPanel Open_basedir protection disabled. Must have SuPHP. No restrictions on PHP functions. No excess port blocking. No restriction on max process time limit. (usual setup of cPanel satisfies all the requirements) About 50MB disk space. About 100MB BW...
  3. somik

    Free Transloader Script by Somik.org

    Some of us have really slow internet connections. Myne is only 248kbps. Downloading a large file and then re-uploading to another server becomes a real pain if the file is too large. How many times have you asked yourself "i wish i could transfer files from server to server directly". Well, the...
  4. somik

    CS-Squad.net: VPS For $7/Month

    These VPS are highly recommended! I have used them in the past and loved their performance. So to any potential buyer, this is my way of saying, dont pass on this chance to get your very own VPS from a quality vps provider. :)
  5. somik

    Issues with paid hosting upgrades...

    Took your advice and asked for a discount. They agreed on 10% discount on the yearly fee, putting their price just over my budget, which was $71.50 So i guess i dont have any reason not to upgrade now. Thanks a lot SiberForum :D
  6. somik

    Issues with paid hosting upgrades...

    Could you recommend some please? Yea, i know there are many with equivalent space/bw, however what i want more is reliability. This is my main website and i dont want it going down. Also i heard one or two webhosts stealing user data/websites once hosted! So i am a bit worried. Could yoou...
  7. somik

    Issues with paid hosting upgrades...

    Yes, i do realize there are cheaper offers, however, i do not know any other quality service at this moment. Most hosts i hosted with as trial basis did not meet my requirement to the fullest or if they did, were not realiable or did not last long enough. That is why i opened this thread here...
  8. somik

    Issues with paid hosting upgrades...

    I am with a local hosting company called XeonBD.com Last year, i ordered a package with: 5GB space, 50GB bandwidth unlimited everything for $24.30 per year This time, i need an upgrade. They said they changed their plan so the plans no longer include a unlimited domain hosting...
  9. somik

    xeon-network.com stole HostNine.com's website

    You should make sure that the template you got does not contain another company's name in the CSS. If you dont even know that much, how can you even start webhosting company? You better ask your designer to give your money back.
  10. somik

    xeon-network.com stole HostNine.com's website

    I knew one guy who used to do it. He not only ripped websites, he even had plugins for myBB to rip other people's post from another forum!
  11. somik

    last night and this morning SUCKED monkey b@ll5!!!

    So... did u suck em before or after u got robbed? :p J/K I feel for you. Sorry to say but i dont have any similar experience. My worst day counts as me being at home all day with no electricity (and thus absolutely nothing to do but lie on bed for 10 hours...)
  12. somik

    Smileys, emoticons and avatars (without any ads)

    Thats what my gf said! LOL! Well, i guess if two people said it, i gotta do it :) Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Say . . . you wont happen to have a thousand good emoticons or avatars lying around, have you? If you do, can i have em? :p
  13. somik

    IsMyReseller now has an amazing new design!

    anhedonia said it all! You should make the chat appear yellow or blue (to match your site). Red is too striking and does not make the text appear in blue background...
  14. somik

    Share A Link!

    Opps! Sorry for that! http://www.google.com/ - free search engine for all your needs
  15. somik

    Smileys, emoticons and avatars (without any ads)

    I would like to share my smileys, emoticons and avatar collections website. I believe this is the most number of smileys in one website ever listed on the internet. Feel free to use them on websites, forums, blogs, msn, where ever you want. No back links needed. LINK: http://emo.somik.org/...
  16. somik


    If you ban a country through IP range, you must make sure you get the latest IP range. Most IP range are not too accruate. They dont block all the ISPs, and sometimes, they blocks the other countries aswell. If you want to save your server from the "hack attempts" use a random autogenerated...
  17. somik

    Marketing Campaigns

    I like pie! LOL! Well if you want to promote, i would lay off calling random people up and emailing them. It is damn annoying! I would blacklist your email address and probably report your server to the datacentre for sending out spam emails (thats a $55 fine). If you want to...
  18. somik

    xeon-network.com stole HostNine.com's website

    They can ask the owner by a cease and desist email. If they do not respond, they can contact the server owner. If that does not work, then the datacentre through legal and abuse emails that are provided with every IP address. Running xeon-networks server through my tracker, i got the...
  19. somik

    Dot.TK Now offers Free DNS!?!

    You want me to back it up? Sure: http://www.mouthshut.com/product-reviews/Dot.tk-925040645.html
  20. somik

    Post your ctrl+v

    Joe's Apartment