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  1. somik

    Webspace for PHP developer

    Requirements: Must be cPanel Open_basedir protection disabled. Must have SuPHP. No restrictions on PHP functions. No excess port blocking. No restriction on max process time limit. (usual setup of cPanel satisfies all the requirements) About 50MB disk space. About 100MB BW...
  2. somik

    Free Transloader Script by Somik.org

    Some of us have really slow internet connections. Myne is only 248kbps. Downloading a large file and then re-uploading to another server becomes a real pain if the file is too large. How many times have you asked yourself "i wish i could transfer files from server to server directly". Well, the...
  3. somik

    Issues with paid hosting upgrades...

    I am with a local hosting company called XeonBD.com Last year, i ordered a package with: 5GB space, 50GB bandwidth unlimited everything for $24.30 per year This time, i need an upgrade. They said they changed their plan so the plans no longer include a unlimited domain hosting...
  4. somik

    Smileys, emoticons and avatars (without any ads)

    I would like to share my smileys, emoticons and avatar collections website. I believe this is the most number of smileys in one website ever listed on the internet. Feel free to use them on websites, forums, blogs, msn, where ever you want. No back links needed. LINK: http://emo.somik.org/...
  5. somik

    Direct admin panel trial

    Hi, i need a free host with direct admin reseller for trial. It can be any space, any bandwidth. I just want to see how direct admin compares to cPanel as many hosts seems to be using it. Forum posts/links are good. Free is even better :)
  6. somik

    FFMPEG and Tomcat on VPS?

    Is it possible to install FFMPEG and Tomcat on the same VPS? If so, what kind of VPS is needed? A friend of mine is interested but he knows next to nothing about vps. FFMPEG will be used to convert and stream videos ranging from 40~120 minutes. Tomcat, well, he did not say and i dont know...
  7. somik

    MySQL upgrade

    I saw MySQL version 5.1 is avaliable and i am using v5. It also says that upgrades are one way only one way, so i wanted to ask if i should use 5.1 or not... Are anyone using it? Is it same as mysql 5.0?
  8. somik

    Need quality hosting template

    Anyone know where i can get good quality webhosting templates? I need ones that are simple to work on, as i will be customizing them. At first, wanted to go with customizing normal website templates, but then realized it does not look good as hosting template. I need a professional looking...
  9. somik

    Reseller account request

    I was originally looking for VPS, however a friend of myne suggested i also check the reseller prices before i decide on wheather to get VPS or reseller account. I am looking for: 15~20GB Space 100~200GB Bandwidth atleast 100 of each feature Overselling enabled atleast 100 hosting...
  10. somik

    Personal proxy hosting

    I originally went for paid hosting, but then my paypal got blocked and now i cant send money anymore... Let me explain. I need a personal proxy hosting. The website will be used by me only. It will be under directory lock at all times so that noone else can access the site. I will be using...
  11. somik

    Personal proxy hosting

    Hi, i am looking for a proxy hosting for "personal usage only". Need around 1GB webspace (for proxy caching) and 10GB Bandwidth (my net is really slow...). Looking for "cheap" offers only (yes, i am poor). If offshore hosting, then better, if not, ok aswell. I'll be using a CGI proxy...
  12. somik

    HostWoot - Best Free Post2Host Hosting service upgraded to new plans

    Hello everyone. I am Somik from HostWoot. I am pleased to announce that we have launched brand new plans for your benifit! Let me give a small summery of what we offer now! Free Post2Host Shared Hosting for webmasters Free Post2Host Reseller Hosting for future hosting companies Free...
  13. somik

    Somik.org - Website Showcase

    Somik.org is a website showcase, showing off some of the top websites that are there to provide ad free browsing experience for the users. All sites are designed with the viewer in mind and thus viewers comments is what matters most. However, I had recently had many complains about the looks...
  14. somik

    Webspace for image hosting site

    Hi. I was looking around and this seemed like the best place to post this. I am the owner of an ImageHosting site, HostImage.co.uk. It is still in test phase, cause it looks like the script has a lot of bugs that i have to fix manually. However, once it grows, i would need to shift it to a...