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    Looking to Merge w/ Free Host

    (Mod: My mind started smoking when I was deciding between this forum and the ad forum, not too sure where it belongs) Hello, I am the owner of sitebunker.net. If you are able to read the site, it should give you enough info :P. We were previously offering free web hosting. After a painful...
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    Random Video Thread

    Ok, time for the community to upgrade and get a [YOUTUBE] Code. Anyways, This thread is the gay knockoff of "Random Picture Thread". Ah well. Hey, I'll start! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASFNHG7-V8g (3:40 is the best one :P)
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    Our new suspension/ad/inactivity system

    Hey, We're working on a new system that will be very useful in proving how active users are. It includes not much work for us or the users, and provides them with more control over services. The users must log into the forums every 2 weeks to prevent suspension, and to unsuspend themselves they...
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    Free DirectAdmin Hosting

    Hi, If you need free quality web hosting with no ads and minimal forum posts, you're at the right place. Plans include up to 7.5 GB Space, and 40 GB Bandwidth. Our plans are listed at http://sitebunker.net/clients/order/ Thanks, Mason C. -Sitebunker.net
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    FREE VPS and earn money??

    Hey all, Sitebunker.net is working on releasing free VPS hosting that actually pays you! There are restrictions on how many people are "eligible" or who can sign up. We will be offering multiple VPS plans for free with no ads. Here is one of our packages: VM1: 20 GB HDD, 1,000 GB...
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    cPanel-First Month Free! Non-Oversold Quality Hosting

    Hello, This is Mason, from smmsWEB. Today I would like to offer our newest offer which fits in the "Try-before-you-buy" Field. We are offering our premium hosting free for the first month. Why are we doing this? smmsWEB is a free and premium based webhost. We are currently trying to support the...
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    90% off! Non-oversold cPanel from smmsWEB!

    Hello all, :welcome: This is Mason again with the wonderful 90% off the first month deal. What is smmsWEB? -A non-oversold cPanel web host in business for one and a half years -A community of web developers always ready to give a hand -A host that cares about you, not your wallet -And...
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    Non-Oversold, cPanel Hosting-smmsWEB

    Hello all, This is Mason from smmsWEB. Today we would like to share again our web hosting plans. Since early 2009, smmsWEB has been providing great hosting to the community. We provide premium quality hosting for a small price. We have cPanel, the world's leading control panel, for all premium...
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    smmsWEB-DirectAdmin redefined

    Hello all, This is Mason from smmsWEB. Today, I would like to announce that our free web hosting is open for business again! After a recent issue of client systems, we have gone back to the original. We now offer free DirectAdmin hosting with NO ADS! What are the benefits of smmsWEB's free...
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    Professional: 90% off first month! Non-oversold cPanel hosting

    Hello, Today, smmsWEB would like to offer our new deal: 90% off the first month. smmsWEB is a company that runs does what people need, and not what they don't. smmsWEB does not oversell at ALL. We try to provide the best service possible, and not overselling is one of our tactics. So, how can...
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    Hi All, I have been considering starting a new control panel called InfiPanel. I am wondering if anyone is willing to help. I would love to create a panel with tons of features that make having a website easy. If this would ever happen, it would be a fair share company. All coders, sales reps...
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    St Jude Hosting! 20% off first month + donation to St Judes Hostpital!

    Hello all, Today, smmsWEB would like to share some exciting news. We are now offering a St Jude special. Hosting accounts that sign up with the code "stjudes" Will get 20% off their first month, AND smmsWEB will donate a certain amount (dependent on plan) to the St Jude Children's Hospital. We...
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    (Ad-free) DirectAdmin Hosting

    Hi All, smmsWEB is proud to announce that our DirectAdmin hosting is now accepting signups again. We offer up to 1.2 GB space and 4 GB bandwidth. It may not seem like a lot in today's virtual world, but with our experience we can tell you that almost no site will exceed those specifications...
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    Free, Fast, Reliable DirectAdmin Hosting. Up to 1.2 GB Space!

    Hello, smmsWEB is now re-opening sign ups for both free and paid web hosting. Our free hosting is better than ever, now much faster and more reliable. And did we mention: Free!!!? What do you have to loose. Try smmsWEB today! Our plans include: Up to 1.2 GB space Up to 4 GB Bandwidth...
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    WHMCS Email problem

    Hi Guys, Just got WHMCS installed and setup. But I ran into a bit of a problem. When users sign up, WHMCS only sends the "New Hosting Account" emails to half the people who signup. It's a little annoying having to do it manually.... Any ideas? -Mason
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    Non-Oversold cPanel Hosting--Great Prices

    Hello, This is Mason from smmsWEB, and today, we would like to introduce our latest Hosting plans. After we got our new servers, we decided to go non-oversell with our paid hosting plans. This is to ensure that we are a truly professional, web host that guarantees that when you buy from us, you...
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    Nulled Scripts?

    Hello, With our new server and all, we need a script that can find nulled scripts. I've heard of these before, but I would like to know where I could find one. Thanks! Mason
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    Advertise on smmsWEB forums!

    Hello All! smmsWEB is now offering advertising on our forums. We are targeting advertisers for web sites like Web Design, Web Master forums, and any other web master resource. We have day-to-day advertising. The first user may be able to advertise free, depending on other bids! Click here to...
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    Hacker Alert: cdos.eu.tv

    Hello. Today I would like to warn you about the user "cdos.eu.tv". He destroyed our web host. Let me leave it at that. He attacked almost every account on the server. The IC3 and I are tracking him. Currently, he is on a host called driphost.com. I emailed them all ready, as he already has his...
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    RapidLeech-A worst Nightmare for webhosts...

    To all those new hosts.... You will soon find out the terror residing in Rapid Leech. I did not even know what it was when I came into the business, because I don't pirate crap off RapidShare like some people do. Let me just warn all hosts new to the business... keep a lookout for it. I found...