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  1. deanhills

    Free high spec VPSs for posts in return | 25posts to get a VPS | 20/m to keep VPS

    If you're tight for cash or can't afford to pay for a VPS, and you are able to post for hosting, why not consider posting for a free VPS? Below is a list of VPSs that are available for competition on the 1st of every month. There are plenty available for now with some decent specs. How it...
  2. deanhills

    What device do you use for your forum discussions?

    I'm curious, what devices are people using for forum discussions? I use desktop as much as I can and when I'm traveling a laptop. I find many people who are using smart phones though. So am curious what devices people are using for participating in forum discussions. Which one do you prefer?
  3. deanhills

    Desktop friendly web design?

    Just a year or more ago it became the in thing to get a Website to be mobile friendly. All kinds of technologies came out like Bootstrap etc. Google even worked this into its search engine rating system. But lately I've become irritated with Website design that is mobile phone focused to the...
  4. deanhills

    What's up with the Freehosting Directory?

    I haven't posted in a very long time. So was shocked, but am open to there being a special reason that I'm not aware off. What's up with the FWS Freehosting Directory? Presentation of the information in comparison with the directory I knew in 2008 is shocking. The contrast is unbelievable...
  5. deanhills

    Any recommendations for good Video Editing Software?

    I've just tried my hand for the first time at making a video (with the purpose of uploading it to YouTube), and the first software I used was Microsoft's free Movie Maker. It's probably OK, but a little bit limited for what I wanted to do. I'd like more controls to snip bits and pieces, to cut...
  6. deanhills

    Free Web Host Directory - Suggestion for a tune-up

    The FWS Free Web Host Directory used to be a major resource, however seems to be in dire need of a tune-up. There are Web Hosts who don't exist any longer who are still listed in the "Top Rated Free Hosts" and "Most Popular Free Hosts" sections. The directory information is also in great need...
  7. deanhills

    What are the criteria for Free Hosting with NamePad?

    Does any one know what NamePad's criteria for Free Hosting are. I can't understand why they are listed in the Free Hosting Directory. Ever since a trusted FFS member had recorded a good experience with them a year or more ago, I've been checking in at their Website and there is ALWAYS a notice...
  8. deanhills

    Software Giveaways - Lucky Packet

    I discovered this Website a long while ago, and every now and then I check it out, as it may have software that I like. It features a new software every day being available for downloading only for the duration of that day. Feels like a Software Lucky Packet. :) http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/
  9. deanhills

    What is the definition of an active member?

    I've just noticed in the stats at the bottom of the Forum Index Page that active members are distinguished from the total membership: Members: 87,363 Active Members: 1,959 I'm curious as to what the definition of an active member would be from a stats point of view. :-)
  10. deanhills

    Any suggestions for dealing with phpBB Spam Posts originating from ChinaNet?

    We are presently experiencing a serious flood of spam posts that originate from ChinaNet in Mainland China. It started as a trickle two weeks ago, then more and more and we now are dealing with a flood of them on a daily basis. Most of the posts are from IPs that are hosted by ChinaNet. Anyone...
  11. deanhills

    Avatars not visible

    I've just found a peculiarity today that I have not noticed before. I can't see any of the avatars when I'm posting. However sometimes they do appear. Particularly when I go into my profile, click on my avatar, and then return to the Sub-Forum, it is there. Almost as though I have to...
  12. deanhills

    Murdoch "Inquisition" by UK Parliament

    Has anyone watched the Murdoch "inquisition" by members of the UK Parliament yesterday? First Rupert and James Murdoch, and then Rebeka Brooks, former Chief Executive of News International. The latter Newspaper was closed after an investigation revealed that News International may have been...
  13. deanhills

    Why is .co so expensive?

    I don't know much about domains and am on a learning curve. I've been checking up on some of the domain registrars/resellers and notice that .co is at least three times as expensive as .com? Why is that? I also don't really see any .co's around. Are they more like an elite type domain? :)
  14. deanhills

    PayPal and LibertyReserve

    I once tried out PayPal and could not get rid of them soon enough. I consider them no one's Pal at all. I've just noticed someone advertising Paid Hosting for payment through either PayPal or LibertyReserve. I never heard of LibertyReserve before. I Googled LibertyReserve but would be keen to...
  15. deanhills

    FreeWebSpace Member Rankings - Senior Member - WOW!

    I was quite shocked after I'd hit the 100 post mark to discover I'm a Senior Member. Wow! I feel all but Senior. I mean, it was not a week ago that I was trying to get to the 50 post mark so I could get my Avatar up. I was a Junior then. Then when I got the privilege of an Avatar last week...
  16. deanhills

    Website Toolbox - Ready Made Hosted Discussion Forum?

    When I was Googling Forum Discussion Software, I discovered this Website - Website Toolbox - which offers a number of ready made hosting services, including a Discussion Forum. I couldn't believe how quickly I could get one up. But am wondering how good it is. Has anyone tried their services...
  17. deanhills

    Is being an illegal alien in the United States a crime or a civil violation?

    What do you think? If someone should be in the United States illegally without a visa, or has a lapsed visa, is that a crime or a civil violation? Looks as though the issue has become a very politicized one, but then the law seems to be pretty clear that it is a crime. If you are an illegal...
  18. deanhills

    Free Website Host - Review

    I've been trying to upload a review of a Free Website Host - Frihost - in the FWS Free Website Host Directory for weeks. There must be something wrong with the review upload system in the Free Host Directory. Hopefully that can be fixed (I've submitted an enquiry to Peo as well), however it...
  19. deanhills

    Anyone tried FireFox 5 yet?

    I'm thinking of changing to FireFox 5 from FireFox 3. I'm very happy with my FireFox 3, but just want to hear from those who have tried FireFox 5. Are the changes significant enough for someone to want to change from FireFox 3 to FireFox 5? :)
  20. deanhills

    Use of Sub-Forum for Free Website Offers

    I'm a newbie and I've read the rules, FAQs and Newbie sticky. I don't want to break the rules. I'd like to know whether I can make a suggestion in the Sub-Forum for Free Hosting Offers. In other words I'm not the owner of the Free Webhosting service, but a user. I'd like to give my reasons...