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  1. keith

    doonesbury dropped from the sunday comics

    it's about time! better late than never... :applaudin :applaudin :applaudin :coolmusic :coolmusic :coolmusic :banana: :banana: :banana:
  2. keith

    happy birthday w.

    president george w. "the man" bush turns 57 today. that'll put him at 62 by the end of his mandatory final term.
  3. keith


    i must make use of the bathroom and have a sandwich. then tonight i'll be sleeping, till around 6 AM when i'll wake up and head to work. back in a bit.
  4. keith

    dirty dems in new jersey

    this is just for all who actually had the gaul to defend the dirty democrats in the last politically themed topic i'd participated in. the dirty democrats are at it again! this time they've made a complete mockery of state laws, and what little integrity they were still clinging onto is now...
  5. keith

    the torino has bumpers

    remember the torino? the '73 ford gran torino sport that is: http://www.weezerfans.com/73fgts kind of dark outside... not the greatest lighting, but you get the idea.
  6. keith

    'proboards' domain

    i see proboards.com uses separate second level domains for their forum subdomains [ie: music.proboards1.com, people.proboards6.com, guitars.proboards12.com, etc...]. well he's only registered up till proboards20.com... let's have someone register proboards21.com, etc... and then sit back and...
  7. keith

    this is killing me: textarea to list in php

    ok, let's get right down to it: i have a text area [name="info"], and would like to get ech line to hold it's own piece of information... so the textarea input reads out like this:line1 line2 line3here's the code to decipher the info:<? $info= trim("$info"); $info= explode("\n", $info)...
  8. keith

    php: unlink() only the files that are checked [dusty should know this, always does]

    i'm writing [at least trying to] a database script in php. people can enter info about themselves and create an account [if you want to call it that] well, in the admin.php, i'm having trouble being able to delete more than one person at a time. it has a checkbox next to each account name...
  9. keith

    creating a file in php

    ok, i'm stupid. looked all over php.net. i know how to open files, write to them, and delete them. but how would i check if a file exists, and if not create it? say i need to write to keith.txt, a file that doesn't exist yet. well before i can write to it, it must be created. what would i...
  10. keith

    looking for a decent counter

    a decent one i tell you. one that doesn't suck. it seems every counter i've tried will sooner or later reset it self to zero, even the ones i've tried with file locking. anything out there that won't continuously reset itself to zero? it must be able to be included with an ssi tag.
  11. keith

    the torino today...

    alright, back to the '73 ford gran torino sport... just snapped these pictures all of ten minutes ago... http://www.weezerfans.com/73fgts as you can see, still need to put the bumpers back on... some exhaust work, polish the wheels and replace the left rearview mirror. then it's all set...
  12. keith

    the torino

    while we're talking about pickups and blazers, let me brag about the classic, keith's 1973 ford gran torino sport: #1 #2 #3 despite the kickassness of the car, these are terrible quality scans from instant polaroids taken almost 3 years ago [i was finally able to locate them]. with the...
  13. keith

    php form mailer trouble

    i wrote a form mailer. basically when i send the $message variable from the text area through the mail() function, it adds a carriage return before the message:&nbsp; the message always starts on the second line like thisanyone know what's up? i tried running it through trim(), but that does...
  14. keith

    you know what? screw valentine's day...

    today marks the tenth anniversary of weezer's first practice as a band. just thought you'd all like to know that, like you really care... :cool:
  15. keith

    the smiling computer people...

    http://www.hosting.com who had them first? hosting.com or t35?
  16. keith

    php ecperts... how to parse file extensions?

    here's basically what i'd like to do, plain and simple:$url = "http://somerandomlocation.com/blahblah/file.ext"; if ($url ends with ".jpg") { do function a; { elseif ($url ends with ".gif") { do function b; } else { do function c; }how would i go about recognizing the file extensions...
  17. keith

    hell yeah...

    i know enthusiastic posting goes against my grain, but i'm pretty pumped about the latest addition to my bass collection... only set me back just under 300 bucks: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1503284542 oh, how sweet it is.
  18. keith


    4gigs.com dumped again! that's twice this past week. wait a sec, just a second ago my test account there was gone, now it's up. go figure, must be re-loading everything.
  19. keith

    hey experts, deciphering HTTP_HOST in php, similar to perl?

    ok, say i want a file to load in perl based on the hostname, i'd have it read something like this:$host = "$ENV{'HTTP_HOST'}"; if ($host =~ /spacetwins\.com/) { include "file.txt"; }this way, it will load the file anytime spacetwins.com is loaded, www.spacetwins.com, anus.spacetwins.com...
  20. keith

    halloween posting spree

    wahoo. in your face. here is the graphic proof: