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  1. roblev

    Customize your hosting - Give your specs, and a price and I will help you

    Hey Guys, Since I'm not too sure what people exactly want in a webhosting package, you can make your own. All you have to do is to name what you want in the package and also how much you would pay monthly for it (realistic amount), and I will do my best to provide you with hosting...
  2. roblev

    .: TechBrink Solutions :. - Professional Hosting Solutions & More

    Hello everyone! TechBrink Solutions offers the perfect hosting, design, and software solution for you and/or your business. We have our hosting solutions starting at $4.99! Take a look at our site: http://www.techbrink.com You won't be disappointed! Guaranteed uptime! We also have a...
  3. roblev

    Valcato needs you!!!

    Valcato Internet Services is currently recruiting for Forum Moderators and Live Technical Support representatives. For more information please send e-mail to: rob@valcato.net Thank you.
  4. roblev

    What do you want as/in a webservice?

    Hiya ALL! Okay, I am wanting to make a web service that people will actually use, and I am slightly on the idea of one, but not too sure. It is a posting service much like PHP Nuke, well.... nothing like it except for the news posting part, that will do a lot of weird stuff, it is hard to...
  5. roblev

    Online HTML Editor

    Hiya All, Is there an online HTML editor that is free which is viewable in IE and Netscape?? You know, those online html editors like hotmail.
  6. roblev

    PHP/MySQL Vulnerabilities

    Hiya All, I was wondering you procedure that you secure your scripts from being hacked or exploited as well as MySQL queries. Any ideas from anyone, I really wanna look into this.
  7. roblev

    @net Solutions - High Quality hosting for cheap

    http://www.atnet.ca/v4/hosting.php Hosting as cheap as $11.00 CDN! ***All prices in Canadian Dollars, taxes extra***
  8. roblev

    MSN Messenger Alert

    Hasn't anyone noticed that MSN Messenger has been down (under minor difficulties) for ages? The link is http://messenger.msn.com/support/status.asp . I am not sure what is the exact cause of these problems, but I think it has to do with the .NET structure they have. They have changed it so much...
  9. roblev

    Mmmm, music

    Listen to this music broadcast. It's cool.
  10. roblev

    phpinfo() a security hole?

    If I made a page that had the phpinfo() command on it, that is easily accessable to anyone, would that be a security hole to my host/website? Just wondering.:confused:
  11. roblev

    Want a .tk domain?

    Do you want a .tk domain? If you do, go to: http://techbrink.asp2.net/v2/modules.php?op=modload&name=Web_Links&file=index&l_op=visit&lid=3 It rocks! I have one. Take a look at http://www.techbrink.tk
  12. roblev

    Develop an Instant Messenger

    Alrighty then, from the FreeWebSpace.Net IP Address Thread, I am developing an instant messenger. Yes, I did have this idea about 5 months ago, but it failed miserably because I had too much code and it turned to be a nightmare. Maybe because it was only me who was programming it. But this is...
  13. roblev

    FreeWebSpace.Net IP Address

    Has anyone noticed the FreeWebSpace.Net IP Address? I found it funny. The IP is I found it when there was a laspe in service for about 10 seconds, I don't know what is was but my browser said "Connecting to". It was interesting. Another useless fact for the...
  14. roblev

    What do you want in a website?

    What do you want in a website? What do you want to know from the internet, or what content would you like to see. I want to build a website about stuff. Anything in general! Give me some ideas since I have a webspace account with 550 MB of space (mysql/ftp) and 12000 mb of bandwidth to waste...
  15. roblev

    Dead Forums

    WoW! These forums are pretty dead. That is all.
  16. roblev

    Stay Away From Donhost!

    Donhost are evil! They totally suck. They have really nice speed and all other stuff, but those bastards deleted my website for the second time. I am going postal!
  17. roblev

    Asp2Net Hosting

    Hi Guys, I have an account with Asp2Net hosting and they are the best host I have ever had! I have the starter package, and I am telling you it is well worth it! Goto their website http://www.asp2.net . My site is hosted with them at http://techbrink.asp2.net . Here are some of their...
  18. roblev

    Talk about a waste of $$$

    Who would pay for domains which are total junk? Really? I was tired and sleepy so I started typing in funny domain names for no reason, so look what I stumbled on: http://www.sleepy.com/ <--- Warning.... Rated R http://www.tired.com/ <-- stupid Ah, whatever. :rolleyes:
  19. roblev


    Have you guys ever left a GAPING security hole in your website by not changing the God (in phpnuke) or other default administration passwords?
  20. roblev

    Windows XP Professional - Build 2600

    Hello guys, Just like to tell you Windows XP is coming out soon in 12 days! Yay! Well anyways, I am installing the final version now, it is not going smoothly. What are your views on WinXP, are you gonna use it, and whatever else you wanna post.....