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    150Mb Webspace, 10Gb B/W, Instant Activation

    Best hosting ever!
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    One more account left, actually two. Basically its the forum ting again, exceot now you need to post. Sorry about that, but rules are rules. The new representatice will be wWWWw. I think most of you all know the specs, 15 GB Space and bandwith, and 3 mysql, no cpanel (sorry). Basically, you...
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    9gb Space/ 5gb Bandwith --- Bbvault.com

    umm...can some moderator shoot this guy, I mean seriosly, whats the point? You friggin killed it! :spider:
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    9gb Space/ 5gb Bandwith --- Bbvault.com

    I got one hosting left, so I'll just ask one simple question. If you get this right, you can get as many mysql's as you want (upon request) and you'll get 15GB Space and bandwith!! OKay, okay...okay.. Please post the answer in my forums. Question: Name the four drinks owned by the coca-cola...
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    9gb Space/ 5gb Bandwith --- Bbvault.com

    **HOSTING IS NOW CLOSED** For the 7 lucky ones who recieved hosting, your bandwith's have been increased to 12 GB and Web space has increased to 12 GB too. Don't be afraid, your hosting will not me terminated.:devious2:
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    9gb Space/ 5gb Bandwith --- Bbvault.com

    sorry, no, but you can use your domain to forward to the extension that we use.
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    9gb Space/ 5gb Bandwith --- Bbvault.com

    We also give out emails --- you@beta-box.com you@bbvault.com :spider:
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    9gb Space/ 5gb Bandwith --- Bbvault.com

    What we offer # 9 GB Space # 5 GB Bandwith # CGI-BIN # PHP # Java # ISML # ColdFusion # Python # Ruby on Rails # ASP # FTP # 1 MySQL (100 MB) # Linix Based # bbvault.com/******* # Domain, transfer for *FREE* # 20MB File Restriction # All file types allowed # NO WAREZ OR PORN # 30 Day Inactivity...
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    [Hot Offer]Cpanel Pro X Hosting

    25 pos6ts? Well..okay