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  1. Dark_Element

    Cheap .com domain

    I need a .com domain (as you can see in the title). however my budget is not very good, so i am asking what is the most cheapest domain registeration out there? PS: I simply refuse to go for hours looking on the net for domain registeration services LOL
  2. Dark_Element

    Free host required fast

    I don't like to waste anyone's time so i'll get straight to what i am looking for(this is for a friend who is hosting a Delta Force squad site) must haves: -25mb or more space -700MB or more transfer -PHP support -MySQL dbs (1 or 2 is enuough) -File cap larger than 700kb (if there is any) -No...
  3. Dark_Element

    XML Socket Server program

    I need a XML socket server program (just like the title says) for serving dynamic information to Flash clients. The program must be able to sustain a load of over 500 (1000 or above prefered) continous connections. The flash application is a online multiplayer RPG. The program must be free as my...
  4. Dark_Element

    My Friend's Anime Site

    My friend just hates angel fire because of so many reasons that its no longer anywhere funny. So he wishes to switch to a host with the following Must haves: -300MBs disc space -5GB transfer per month (may need up to 15GBs later on) -PHP + MySQL support -File size caps must be no lower than...
  5. Dark_Element

    Repuration what the?

    what is this reputation thingie in these forums anyways? and what do they do? (i know i can use the FAQ but im too lazy 2 look it up) sry to waste your time (if you think so) J.W_(Dark_Element)
  6. Dark_Element

    Windows VS Linux

    In China Linux is currently kicking Windows's a$$ very hard because: 1 - linux is more reliable 2 - linux is faster and efficent 3 - linux can be coustomised more than windows 4 - most importantly linux is mostly free I am asking you to tell me what do you think is better in the poll above
  7. Dark_Element


    I am making a Online multiplayer RPG game in flash+ActionScript 2.0 and i need to know XML in order to store and transfer the user data to other connected clients... Please give me some information on XML databases (such as how to install one and how do they work, and their abilities) I also...
  8. Dark_Element

    Anti Nukeing

    I have just suffered a terrible nukeing (5GBs in 24 hours [my limit is 5GB per month]) and i never want to go through that again... I was wondering if there is a way to limit bandwidth transfer per IP with some serverside scripts... thanks for your time J.W_(Dark_Element)
  9. Dark_Element

    My Text Based Game

    I've have just started a online multiplayer text based game... Its the first time i've ever made anything in PHP + MySQL so dont expect that much out off it... (im only 15 u know) well anyways its at www.exsae.tk or www.exsae.necronhosting.com/btld note: the google add is there so i can...
  10. Dark_Element

    My Text based RPG

    I've just started my own text based RPG game (made by PHP + MYSQL) come on and have a look... note: im not very experienced so do not expect too much (im only 15yr old u know) if you can please help me spread the word (thanks) www.exsae.tk or www.exsae.necronhosting.com/btld
  11. Dark_Element

    Cron Probo

    It is my first times with cron jobs so i don't know too much about it but i guess that my problem is this: The cron job points to a php file but it does not go through apache or the php intrepreter so it was never actually used, but insted tried to be interpreted as linux commands.... my...
  12. Dark_Element

    Hosting for text based game

    Hi to all who read this :biggrin2: I need a hosting service that offers the following for a online multiplayer text based game: Must haves: -PHP -MySQL (1 would be enough but more would be better) -5mb to no file size limit -PHP must NOT be on safe mode -100mb or more...