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  1. .Bobby


    Anyone used them before? Attracted by people saying they can use Google Adsense with AdJungle - which allows people to buy ads on your site. They said it would display Adsense untill someone buys your ad space - where it'll change to the customer's ad. Awaiting your replies!
  2. .Bobby

    Best Website Uptime Monitoring Service?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to hear which Website Uptime Monitoring Service you guys think is the best. Do state the best Free Service, and the best Paid service, if possible. Thanks!
  3. .Bobby

    Medium Hosting Request

    Hey guys, Just checking out what options my friend would have. He currently runs a Private Server of a certain game. However, he's no cash. Since we've got a heap of awesome Free Web Hosts over here at FWS, I thought I might just give it a shot requesting for some Free Web Hosting. Anyway...
  4. .Bobby

    USB Power Hub

    Hey guys, Anyone got any good USB Power Hub(s) to reccomend? I'm looking to buy one, since i'm running short of USB ports on my desktop. Thanks!
  5. .Bobby

    Having both Google Ads and personal ads running at the same time?

    Hey guys, The title says it. I wish to be putting up ads in my vBulletin Forum to gain some seed revenue for this Group site of mine. I'm wondering if any of you gurus out there know of any vBulletin Modification which allows this? And has proven to work? Patiently awaiting your replies...
  6. .Bobby

    Avatar Restriction?

    Hey guys, My avatar size should be like this. But when I uploaded onto FWS, it seems to have been resized. But I see others with Avatars bigger than mine! Unless, it's NLC? Thanks.
  7. .Bobby

    Processor: XEON or QUAD-CORE?

    Hey guys, the title says it. Intel's new XEON vs it's multi-core processor, QUAD-CORE. Feel free to shout your views.
  8. .Bobby

    WordPress MU

    Hey guys, I thought of hosting Blogs, using Wordpress MU. However, on Wordpress MU site forums, there seem to be quite a number of bugs which hasn't been fixed. If you have used it before, a review will be appreciated.
  9. .Bobby

    Additional 'CD Drive' on My Computer?

    Hello guys. For the undermentioned points, please refer to the following screenshot. ------------------------------------- To begin with, this 'CD Drive' has always been there virtually, though it isn't physically. I only have one DVD/CD Drive, which is 'DVD-RAM Drive (D:). I haven't...
  10. .Bobby

    Embedding .VOB files into sites?

    Embedding .mpg files into sites? Hello guys, I was wondering if i'm able to embed a .mpg video into my site, lets say, onto a page, using, let's say, Windows Media Player (or Flash, RealPlayer, or something along that line) ? Do I need to convert those files first? Or am I able to just go...
  11. .Bobby

    Converting .VOB files to .avi? or .wmv?

    Hey guys, The title says it. I've recorded some stuff on my handycam, but don't seem to be able to 'extract' anything from the Disc (when I insert it into my com). Is there any program that allows me to do this? Or any other relevant advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. .Bobby

    Coupons for Respected Registras?

    Hello guys, I'm thinking of buying some domains, but like many, would like to get it at a good price. From the way I see it, since i'm not buying in bulk, the only way I could get good deals, is through Coupons. Anyone have any coupons for Respected Domain Registra's, i.e Namecheap...
  13. .Bobby

    Part or Whole Dedicated Server Needed

    Hello guys, I'm searching for either a part, or whole (whichever suits the cost and/or offer) Dedicated Server/Virtual Private Server which cost approx. EUR10-15/Month which would allow my friend to host his IRC Bot and Network. A WIN32 Server would be preferred. Space and Bandwidth wise, offer...
  14. .Bobby

    [Req]Cpanel Hosting: 1GB Space ; approx. 10GB BW

    Hello guys, I would like to have: Cpanel Hosting 1GB > Space 10GB > Bandwidth 2 > Addon Domains 5 Mysql Databases PHPMyAdmin Not needing to Post Monthly or for Signup is preferred Not needing to put up an Ad from the Host is also preferred for a site that I wish to start up. This site will...
  15. .Bobby

    Dedicated Server in Singapore

    Hello guys, I'm thinking of getting a box that is hosted in a Datacenter in Singapore. Any reccomendations on which companies? Hope to hear from you guru's out there! Thanks.
  16. .Bobby


    Any Opinions on this Company? I'm not too sure if this has been asked before, forgive me if it has. But yeah, their deals seem too good to be true. Thanks.
  17. .Bobby

    Dedicated Server Wanted

    Hey, I'm looking for a pretty powerful Dedicated Server with the following specs: Quad Core 2.5Ghz > 6GB RAM > 250GB HDD > 3000GB BW > 2 IP's or more 70mbps I would be willing to pay around USD$90 - USD$130 Thanks.
  18. .Bobby

    Looking for stable 99.9% Uptime Web Hosting!

    Hey guys, I am looking for a Reliable host that can offer me a Cpanel Web Hosting Account, with the following: ~20GB Space ~50-100GB Bandwidth 20> MySQL Databases PHP 5.0 Support No Post2Host Requirement No Monthly Forum Activity Requirement 90% > Uptime I know that the...
  19. .Bobby

    Looking for Attractive Openings

    Hey all, Introduction First off, let me Introduce myself. I'm Bobby, 21 this year, from Singapore and am currently working as a Freelancer online, and a Manager at a Local Restaurent. I have been holding the position as a Head Support Technician in my previous Web Hosting Company, of...
  20. .Bobby

    Need Good Free Hosting for Online Shoutcast

    Hey guys, any good free shoutcast host out there to recommend? Thanks !