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  1. Abush

    Hosting needed

    Hi all, I need web hosting from US Hosts ONLY. It's for a school project I am going to be doing. Please let me know how much you'd charge for the below. 200mb space, 1-2 gb BW (per month) cPanel, MySQL DBs, PHP host of course. If you're willing to give it for free I'll take that too...
  2. Abush

    php Host

    Hey all, I am trying to develop a little php app for class. If someone could offer me some space that'd be great. Looking for no ads, subdomain, ftp access and 50mb or more. I might need MySQL DB in the near future too. Thank you! Abush
  3. Abush

    Free Space to test Drupal

    Hey guys, I need Free space to setup and test a drupal site. Please let me know if you can offer me the following. 250mb space 1gb BW/mo Cpanel with at least 2 mySQL DBs Subdomain. Thanks much.
  4. Abush

    drupal and phpbb

    Hello, Is it possible to use the same DB for both? I have a phpbb forum with a lot of users but I want to add Drupal to expand the site and still maintain the forum as is. What's the best way to go about it? Bridge the two? Help? Thanks
  5. Abush

    another CMS thread

    I didn't want to steal the "Best CMS" thread so I thought I start another one. My question is what CMS is good to organize things where multiple people will work on different tasks/projects. I'm thinking something like ShaerePoint. I want to have something with a workflow that I can use to...
  6. Abush

    FREE space for school project

    I need free space for a school project web page I'm doing. Could someone give me about 20mb of space and 60mb bw and subdomain? It's only going to be up for a bit until the instructor sees it. I would appreciate it a lot. Also, please no ads as this is for school work. I understand ads pay for...
  7. Abush

    Need Urgent help with GoDaddy

    So here is the scenario: I have a domain registered under account1 and I have hosting account under account2. How can I make the domain in account1 pull up the site content from the hosting account2? What do I need to change? I changed the A Host and changed the host part to a random name...
  8. Abush

    Design work $40-100

    Hey all, I need to see if someone could do a web design for me. I have the logo attached below. If I can get the design with the slice that'd be great. Do the design and tell me how much and if I like it, I'll take it through paypal. I don't have much to ask regarding the design except work...
  9. Abush

    java questions

    Hi all, I'm using netbeans 5.5.1 and trying to create a GUI based slideshow. I have buttons that will do specific things like play/pause, next, prev, etc,... what I haven't figured out is how can I make the picture show up in the JPanel. So once I have a list of images, how can I make it show...
  10. Abush

    Angel host needed

    Hello, I am part of a student organization that desperately needs a host. We are currently hosted on a shared server and it's not holding well for us. We can't really afford much so I'd like to ask one of you kind hearted hosts if you could provide us a decent VPS or Dedi. Here is my request...
  11. Abush

    Consulting Job

    Hello all, Anyone mind discussing how much an IT consultant gets paid. Hourly and/or salary? I am trying to figure out this so I can ask for the right amount of money for a job. If possible please give me links on where I can find this info. Thanks!
  12. Abush

    simple blog and gallery

    Hello guys, I need a simple blog and gallery script. I don't want both of them integrated. Two separate scripts but simple. Also, easy to customize the design. Thanks.
  13. Abush

    phpbb help

    Hello, I need to find the variable that sets the value for the server/domain. I had installed it on my lappy and moved it to a server with a domain name. Now it when I login, it redirects me to localhost. So what I want to do is set it so that it know the parent domain is mydomain.com instead...
  14. Abush

    please help

    Ok. I really really really need help with Joomla! I am trying to put a javascript event in the TinyMce Editor box. Do you guys know where I can put "onKeyPress();" tag in? To make it clearer, I want things to happen for each key a person presses in that editor field. Also, do you guys happen to...
  15. Abush

    Browser issues with encoding.

    Hey guys, I am having trouble encoding my page in UTF-8 format. I have the meta tag telling the charset to be utf-8 but the browsers (both ie 6 and ff) still convert it to whatever they want. It turns out to be gibrish. Anyone know how I can force the encoding to be utf-8 when sending and...
  16. Abush

    Questions on Joomla

    How many text boxes does joomla come with by default? When I say text boxes I mean any box people can type into (admins and users). Also, which pages control the input boxes? How many pages total in Joomla? Thanks.
  17. Abush

    Free Digg

    Anyone know where I can find a free diglike script? A script that will work like digg.com? Thanks.
  18. Abush

    US Based Prog Companies wanted.

    Hey there. I'm looking for US based programming companies that can develop high quality scripts for a client. The two scripts I need are basically an ebay clone and a classifieds site. It will have a bit more customization to it but that's pretty much the basic concept. I need companies (not...
  19. Abush

    Javascript integration

    Hello all, I found this Javascript someone made that allows me to use it as a stand alone language pack. It allows people to write in a different language. My question is how can I integrate it in a forum script so that people can use it to write in that language on the forum. Basically how can...
  20. Abush


    Where can I get the lates IIS on my laptop? I don't have it with the default XP that came. I need that and .net framework and everything that is required to run .NET. Please help. thank you!