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  1. LSComputers

    [HIRING] Inbound Sales Rep

    GreenGeeks is a rapidly growing web hosting company that is looking to add another team member. We are looking for someone who is passionate about web hosting, who understands applying web hosting solutions to customers needs and is customer service oriented. This job is for a full time...
  2. LSComputers

    PHP Form that creates a File

    Hello Guys, Been a while, I've been trying to develop a PHP form that will on submit create two files in specific folders. I've never done this but based on what I have read this shouldn't be difficult. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction: PHP Form Options: New...
  3. LSComputers

    WHMCS Custom Reports

    Hey All, I have a client who has grown significantly over the last year, at this time they are looking to generate some significant reporting for their hosting business. The requirements are as follows: Report Cancelled/Terminated sorted by a specific Date Range (Monthly, Quarterly...
  4. LSComputers

    WordPress & ClientExec Integration ~ Quotes Please

    Hello Guys, My old design buddies have since moved on leaving me in a bit of a pickle. I am looking for the following: Integrate Wordpress Content (I have latest News categories, which I would like my main site to pull the headings only based on specific categories/tags). Integrate...
  5. LSComputers

    High Usage Clients

    Hello Everyone, For those who have been around for a long time, hello has been along time but I am finally situated again and hopefully online more. For those who are relatively new :welcome:. I have been working for a while now in the hosting industry on the technical level so I have...
  6. LSComputers

    Whois Search Script Services

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering, It has been a long arse time since I have been here and posted. But way back when in the Ads/Offer section was people selling scripts that did WHOIS,Server,Blacklist checks, essentially what whois.sc will do ie (http://whois.sc/freewebspace.net) I was...
  7. LSComputers

    Storing Users Backups - Question

    Hello, We have a clients backups we made for them when they were moving hosts. It seems now the website are 100% down and noticed at one point they mentioned a hacker had deleted everything. We have been trying to contact them (Private Message on this forum, emails from work and personal...
  8. LSComputers

    Beware of Buyer

    Hello, I just wanted to provide a bit of heads up on an buyer using the email carr200506@hotmail.com Started off as an extremely rude chat: Turned into a fraudulent order. Sellers beware!
  9. LSComputers

    Intel Core 2 Duo w/ Cpanel

    Hello FreeWebSpace Community, WiseDedi.com has the following machine online and ready to go: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB Ram 500GB HDD 2TB Transfer Cpanel w/ Installatron $100/month * Payments are prorated till the 25th of each month, Your renewal is July 25th! * This machine was...
  10. LSComputers

    Website Help - Navigation

    Hello, Okay, so our new website is coming along, but is going to be huge. Our designer wasn't able to help us with our request so I am coming here. I am looking for a way to have our navigation and footer standard. So editing the file on 1 page effects them all. I am aware this will...
  11. LSComputers

    Virtual Private Server - Your Budget + Your Requirements = Your Server

    Hello, WiseDedi is proud to launch our Virtual Private Servers newest promotion. If you have a budget, and you have requirements we have a server for you. Simply contact us at http://wisededi.com or sales@wisededi.com with your budgets.
  12. LSComputers

    Windows 2003 Issues

    Hello, Not normal for me to publish an help request, however: I have an client that has a windows 2003 server with us. Its connected to an 100mbps port etc. On speedtest.net client has the following results: IE - 15mbps down, 25mbps up FF - 10mbps down, 2mbps up Now, this is an...
  13. LSComputers

    WiseDedi.com Launch Party - Core2Quad 9400 $93!!! - $2000 CASH GIVEAWAY!

    Welcome to the launch party of http://www.WiseDedi.com We have a fully comprehensive range of dedicated server solutions available at simply outstanding prices! Plus, they are here to stay too! ************************************** ********* $2000 Cash Giveaway **********...
  14. LSComputers

    MRTG Bandwitdh Monitor - Read Data

    Hello, Kay so were currently developing an client panel for our organization. This will integrate our ubersmith script into an all in one login. We can handle basically everything however, we install MTRG to monitor our current clients bandwidth. What I was wondering does anyone know of a...
  15. LSComputers

    Ubersmith Experts

    Hello, I am looking for some people that are really good at Ubersmith, to assist in my busy lifestyle. I need to do the following: Setup Packages Setup Support Department Integrate Order Form With Website Integrate Syste With Website Let me know if you have experience and...
  16. LSComputers

    Website Recoded

    Hello, I seem to have bad luck getting what I want done this week. I have a website - Calmskiesnetwork.net It has horrid coding (CSS/HMTL) that causes things to look bad depending on what browser your using.I would like someone to recode the design. I don't currently have the psd with me...
  17. LSComputers

    Help Need Site Recoded

    Hello, Okay so I had my site designed, and its turned umm ugly. Need someone to record it. Seems its all in CSS but id prefer it more html so that it avoids this issue. Now the kicker is that I have lost the psds, so Im working with what I have. http://calmskiesnetwork.net/ or...
  18. LSComputers

    2 Dedicated Server Machines - Sale

    Hey all, This post is from drivenhost.com Drivenhost is no longer doing traditional shared hosting. The shared clients were sold and drivenhost will be doing dedicated servers only!. We are selling our two dedicated boxes that were used for the shared clients. These machines can be...
  19. LSComputers

    Image Ads Questions

    Hello, Just to clarify the image rules: 1) Can I place our company logo as 1 image file at the top of the page? 2) Can I use images to display an example of our network setup, saves on text trying to explain it?
  20. LSComputers

    Off-Site Services - What would you pay?

    Hey, Just want to get all you guys opinion's on off-site hosting for your billing and support centers. What features you would be looking for and how much you would pay. Below is what I am thinking of using for a few sites I have in the launch phase. I would be getting a better deal then what...