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  1. LSComputers

    [HIRING] Inbound Sales Rep

    GreenGeeks is a rapidly growing web hosting company that is looking to add another team member. We are looking for someone who is passionate about web hosting, who understands applying web hosting solutions to customers needs and is customer service oriented. This job is for a full time...
  2. LSComputers

    PHP Form that creates a File

    Hello Guys, Been a while, I've been trying to develop a PHP form that will on submit create two files in specific folders. I've never done this but based on what I have read this shouldn't be difficult. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction: PHP Form Options: New...
  3. LSComputers

    Premium WHMCS web hosting templates ~ Admin-based settings area!

    Hello, This is really nicely done, have a few customers that were looking for something similar. Do you do unique designs and if so the costs associated with them.
  4. LSComputers

    Working hour per day

    Must be nice, I typically average about 15-20 hours a day 7 days a week working with our customers and developing new systems for optimization.
  5. LSComputers

    WHMCS Custom Reports

    Update: I have been able to gather the following, however calling specific area's in the database is not my speciality.
  6. LSComputers

    WHMCS Custom Reports

    Hey All, I have a client who has grown significantly over the last year, at this time they are looking to generate some significant reporting for their hosting business. The requirements are as follows: Report Cancelled/Terminated sorted by a specific Date Range (Monthly, Quarterly...
  7. LSComputers

    Looking for a VPS w/ cPanel

    Hey Pushkar P. Firstly let me just make one quick recomendation, do not run cPanel on 384MB of ram. That is the minimum for cPanel/WHM and will leave very little overhead. 512MB should be your minimum guaranteed ram size. With that said please see the following package offer: Fully Managed...
  8. LSComputers

    Selling 0DollarHost.com - 7.5 years old

    The domain has an PR 0 status according to a Page Rank checker, well these can be off, for a domain that was live for 7.5years I'd expect atleast a PR 1 status.
  9. LSComputers

    Need A Script Designed

    Hello, I would recommend posting your project/request on an actual site dedicated to building scripts/integration etc. Check out http://scriptlance.com/
  10. LSComputers

    Advice need on Resellers

    Firstly, I would highly recommend staying away from CHEAP providers. If your selling a service to clients you need to have a quality provider and a quality service. Selling cheap and crappy service is only going to hurt you. Also I would stay away from anyone who sells Alpha or Master...
  11. LSComputers


    Sander, I may have a couple additional contacts for you, let me take a look. If you need something quickly feel free to contact me. Either from my website or msn.
  12. LSComputers

    Robots.txt issue

    Hello Lafaso870, Hopefully I can shed some light on your question. Please see below, and check out my website if your looking for further marketing support: robots.txt is based on 2 steps. The first is telling the search engine who is allowed and who isn't. This is handled by a...
  13. LSComputers

    WordPress & ClientExec Integration ~ Quotes Please

    Hello Guys, My old design buddies have since moved on leaving me in a bit of a pickle. I am looking for the following: Integrate Wordpress Content (I have latest News categories, which I would like my main site to pull the headings only based on specific categories/tags). Integrate...
  14. LSComputers


    Hey, Thats the unfortunate part with that company, they ram a little two much. My recommendations for you will be the following: SingleHop.com - Chicago Based, High Quality but High Price WholeSaleInternet.com - Ohio Based, Quality servers, competitive price, email let them know Josh sent you...
  15. LSComputers

    Need help to make this idea work....

    Hey, Your project would be doable; however there are some key things. 1) Has to be connected to network, however you block all connections except those you accept by either IP or Mac Address (this is handled by your login script). 2) Hotels do not operate in the method your thinking...
  16. LSComputers

    Request: Linux VPS

    Hello, I work with a couple hosting providers as a consultant, I think one of these companies would have a perfect fit for you please take a look: 768 MB Equal Share CPU 50 GB Diskspace 750 GB Bandwitdh Fully Managed Cpanel Optional ($10/month) $39.95/month - Order
  17. LSComputers

    Unmanaged or Managed VPS

    Hello, What are your plans for the VPS (ie, what services are you planning to run). What may be a better solution is a quality Cloud & Load Balanced cPanel service which would give you the flexibility/growth your require. This could certainly be done within your budget, however before I...
  18. LSComputers

    Cloud computing

    I'd be very careful of the Amazon Cloud services, the throughput is very weak and if you’re looking to operate large websites or using databases services you will start to have degraded service. Some hosting providers have given their tools a try and they were not stable enough...
  19. LSComputers

    [VPS]Looking for 512MB OF RAM

    Hello procode27, What is your expected use for the VPS? I may have a quality Cloud Hosting service offer for you which will be 100x better then any VPS/Dedicated server. I look forward to hearing from you.
  20. LSComputers

    Customer Service Positions (3x) & Ad Sales Manager Required! Exciting new product!

    Hello Adam, I am certainly interested, I would like to gather some additional information regarding the business as to not waste your human resources department reviewing my resume. Partically in the duties of both departments, from what I can see this company is rather new "launching Nov."...