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    Why is my name bold?

    Hey people, I am browsing the forums and I noticed my name was bold, what is the reason for this? I am unable to find any key or anything to explain to me why I am bold. Cheers!
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    Review, which one you like better

    Okay, so i had asked before, but people had said that there was not enough content on the one i was just creating, so i coded the news section, so some content should now be up :) Which one do you like better, vote for your favorite design. Dont look at content currently, as that is still...
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    What do you like better?

    okay, so i have my current site, and a new one i am currently designing. I would like to know what you like better. Current: http://x-istence.com/ New: http://xistence.breached.x-istence.com:81/new.x-istence.com/ Sorry about the long URL, but its hosted on a test box.
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    Forums moved?

    When i tried to visit http://freewebspace.net/forums/ it gave me an error, are the forums moving to a different server?
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    The death of section4.net

    This post was inspired by alphaneutrino and the owner of the host who wanted me to post an apolagy to all the users we had. Section4.net went belly up, it was not that the owner dgtazzman ( he's on these forums ) could afford it anymore, but rather DC's where we were previously renting...
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    We at empirehosting.org would like to let you know about our small hosting plan. - 100 Megabyte Web Space - 10 Gigabyte Bandwidth - Cpanel Control panel - Unlimited Sub domains - Unlimited Database - Unlimited account - Host up to 5 domains Price: $4.99 or We at...
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    Section4.net/Section5.net is dead

    Micheal the server owner has decided to pull the plug on the hosting. I being the co-admin didnt even get the hear of this. Any people hosted by him, from this announcement on you have less than 10 hours to back whatever you have up, yes i also only got such a short amount of time.
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    Looking for the following

    Yeah, i know this might seem like a big thing, but basically i am looking for this, for a pretty low price, being 14 and all i dont have much cash. 100+ MB space 15+ GB transfer 4+ MySQL databases Apache + PHP FTP ( letting me add more FTP accounts or anon ftp would be an add on ) POP3 (...
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    My new avatar

    So what do you think of my new avatar. Its the warrior mouse from doom !!. BTW, its not from the game DOOM, i made it myself.
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    Section5.net Contest

    Section5.net Contest :: FREE HOSTING We at section5.net are holding a contest for the following: - 100 Mb space - 3 GB transfer - Apache server with PHP ( Not Safemode ) - FTP ( Real FTP not web based ) - MySQL ( 1 database ) - Domain hosting or a subdomain.section4.net - Unlimited FTP...
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    Unlimited Everything

    Hey, i would like the following: 1. PHP 2. Apache 3. Root access 4. SSH 5. Unlimited MySQL 6. Unlimited pop3 7. Unlimited bandwith 8. Unlimited space 9. Unlimited help 10. Good service 11. 99.99 % uptime 12. Not a joke host that will disappear 13. Nice admin 14. All scripting...
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    Before i go on, and code the rest of the sections, i would like to know what you guys think of http://x-istence.com/beta/ . Please note that some links are not working, since the sections havnt been coded yet. The space between the pic in the table and the border line, are supposed to be...
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    Have you ever had the urge to just post something random, just totally off topic, something just wacky, or just like to post about random useless stuff. Then hop over to http://spammers-paradise.com/ and see if it is a community you would like to join. Now go quick, and find out, because...
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    You all know the owner of HydroBB.com, its cheatpark, on these forums. Well he just created this new forum and would like some hits, so go check out http://hydrobb.com/ <Note: Site not owned by me.>
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    FreeBSD Release

    hey all, i dont know if you might know, but does anyone know when the new one is supposed to come out. I would like to know, thanks all. X-Istence
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    List of free hosts that came and went

    Hi people, i would like to make a list of the free hosts that came and went. Start off with demented.org. It came, and went and now doesnt offer hosting anymore i think. Their page is down.
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    Review X-Istence.com

    Hello all can you pleas review http://x-istence.com for me. I know that not a lot of content is up, cause i am still coding. But please just look at it and tell me what i should add/change. I myself really like the colors. so i would rather not change them, but changing the design / modules (...
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    Need the following

    Okay here is what i need, 100 - * MB Space 20 - * GB Bandwith PHP - Not safe mode 2 MySQL DB's 2 POP Email accounts Domain support and Sub-Domain FTP Any cP other than Plesk i am looking for that, and i dont want to pay more than $10 per month. If you have any offers...
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    Free host with the following.

    I need a free ost with the following: - 5 mb - any kind of bandwith - php ( NOT in safemode ) - FTP that is all. If you know a host like this please tell post.
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    old-resources.com | Please Review

    hi people, the new domain is not up yet but for now you can still review our site. I joined up with one-eyed-ediot. Please post what you think here. xpfreak ( windows.jaha.dk creator )