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    Free Host needed

    Hi there! I am currently looking to move host, for various reasons, and so I am looking for a free host that can provide me with the following: 750MB-1GB Disk Space 5+GB B/W (Flexible) Unlimited Subdomains 5+ Addon/Parked Domains 5+ MySQL DBs 5+ FTP 50+ POP3 Email phpmyadmin CPanel...
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    Need FLV hosting

    Hello there! I am looking for free FLV file hosting. I need to be able to access the files as FLV, not some obscure URL! I need to have 100MB max filesize.
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    For Sale - 2 gta domain names

    I am offering the following domain names for sale: gta-iv.info gta-vicecitystories.info I have recently registered them both, but now don't have the time to maintain the website. Payment through Paypal. Any offers? ALSO As part of selling my domain names, I am also selling the web template...
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    Review my website

    Hi there! This is a site I designed using photoshop. I haven't quite finished transferring it over using Dreamweaver, but what do you guys reckon on the design? http://ifs1.imagefly.info/v/a5/jpg/v204.html
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    Change mouse cursor

    Hey, I wanted to know if there was a way of changing the mouse cursor from the pointer to an image stored on the server? Help appreciated.
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    Review my website

    http://www.gta-vicecitystories.info/ Please leave feedback. Thanks.
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    PHP Include help

    Hi there! I run a forum that is linked with a website. For ease, I would like to know if there was a code that would allow me to include the first post in eache thread in my site news forum onto my site home page? I am using php. Please reply asap. Home page...
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    Hosting for GTA Fansite

    Hi there! I desperately need hposting for my GTA fansite and forums. I need between 200-500MB space 5-10GB data transfer Cpanel/PHP/MySQL/Fantastico/FTP/E-mails/Instant Activation At the moment I need a subdomain, but I am trying to find a domain sponsor, so will need ability to...
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    Immediate Top host requested

    No longer required Please delete mod
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    Urgently need reliable freehost

    Here's the deal guys! I am fed up of having to keep changing webhosts because the sites keep crashing, so I want a reliable freewebhost to host my site. I need CPanel X, preferrably with fantastico, must have php installed. Needs about 100+ email addresses, must have at least 5...
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    Whois script

    Is there a way I can get w free whois lookup on my site?
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    1039online.org - Please review

    Here's the deal guys: I am currently in the process of redesigning the website, and I would like some advice on how this can be improved: http://www.1039online.org/ Also, I would like tips on the test version of the new site: http://www.1039online.org/Test%20site/
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    Domain Sponsor in exchange for Ads

    Hi guys, I would like a domain sponsor. I am willing to place google ads on EVERY page of my website. Anyone help?
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    Free eu.org webhost

    Which free webhosts will host eu.org domain names?
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    Free Webspace Urgently Required

    I have been receving complaints recently because my website has been down due to my previous webhost moving server and losing my files last week and my current webhost being pretty useless with an alarming amount of server downtime! Therefroe, I urgently require a webhost that can offer me...
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    Need Web Host by 18:00 today (UK time)

    Okay, here's the deal, I have to change my webhost due to some major cock-up with their name servers. I am going away this weekend and need this sorted by 18:00 (UK time). My requirements are: At leas 100MB space Between 500-1000MB b/w FTP access Cpanel w/Fantastico Addon/Parked...
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    Please Help Me!

    Here's the deal: I have money! That is the first step in buying a domain! I don't have a credit card or paypal as I am too young! I can get a postal order, though! I want a domain! So, my deal is: I send a postal order to someone within the UK, they cash it and then register the...
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    Free Domain Please

    I am looking for a free domain name for a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION! We had a website, and we had a domain name, but the web host went tits-up and the owner of the domain name has not replied to any of the emails I sent in what feels like a month! We would gladly put your ads on every page...
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    Login script

    I have just made a login script, but how can I allow for multiple usernames/passwords? All I got at the moment is:
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    Domain for Band

    Is anyone willing to sponsor a domain for my band's website. The band is called Hawkev. Any extension but not country specific (unless .uk). Willing to put Google ads on site. Please don't offer forum posting, I do not have the time.