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    SCAAM!Please help me.

    I pay for mine annually, although to be fair I pay in cash over the counter. To me it sounds a lot like this is down to you, Irving. There is no way you are going to get any of the money from PayPal, so you'll have to learn from this (and learn from it!!) and move on.
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    Template Troubles in IE

    You're problem is that you are using tables. Each part of the table will only extend as far as is necessary for its own section. Using a CSS stylesheet instead usually avoids this.
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    HostingMe - Here to stay

    Dude, you offer uptime and support, but the site is currently down, and so I cannot ask for assistance!
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    5GB Space + 15GB Bandwidth Unlimited Features!

    Dude, we sign-up details...
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    Free Host needed

    Hi there! I am currently looking to move host, for various reasons, and so I am looking for a free host that can provide me with the following: 750MB-1GB Disk Space 5+GB B/W (Flexible) Unlimited Subdomains 5+ Addon/Parked Domains 5+ MySQL DBs 5+ FTP 50+ POP3 Email phpmyadmin CPanel...
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    Question about TLD

    Damnit! I don't have $1000 to set up the TLD that I want :( Good luck royals in your quest though
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    Need FLV hosting

    Hello there! I am looking for free FLV file hosting. I need to be able to access the files as FLV, not some obscure URL! I need to have 100MB max filesize.
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    Pretty lame I must say

    Hear hear! I agree - thus my participation has ended
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    NEED a experienced coder asap

    How urgent is the job? I can help, but I am going away tomorrow and won't be back until next Saturday.
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, NO ADS, Instant Activation

    It's too slow when uploading via ftp. It took me 21 seconds to upload a 94kb file!
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, NO ADS, Instant Activation

    and you don't accept zip files. that's the majority of my website, and the reason i need so much space!
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    For Sale - 2 gta domain names

    I am offering the following domain names for sale: gta-iv.info gta-vicecitystories.info I have recently registered them both, but now don't have the time to maintain the website. Payment through Paypal. Any offers? ALSO As part of selling my domain names, I am also selling the web template...
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    Review my website

    Hi there! This is a site I designed using photoshop. I haven't quite finished transferring it over using Dreamweaver, but what do you guys reckon on the design? http://ifs1.imagefly.info/v/a5/jpg/v204.html
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    what ppl mean by "i cant afford one"

    You think I am putting all my energies into this one venture? Hell no! When I am 18 and have left school, I will get a real job, I already have one in mind, but at the moment, I am still at school and need something that I can do in my spare time to pay for a holiday halfway around the world...
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    How long does your comp take to start up?

    Between 30 and 60 seconds.
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    what ppl mean by "i cant afford one"

    I think that's the point of this thread. Why would I go to work for some crappy fast food chain and earn less than minimum wage when I could offer my services online, earn money and actually make something of myself???
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    Need help with site design, willing to pay.

    And how can I contact you via Yahoo?
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    My trouble with clicksor

    I've just started using Clicksor, but I've yet to have any problems.
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    what ppl mean by "i cant afford one"

    Well, i have a website which will be of use, but I can't start it until I have a domain name. I can't get a domain name because I havve no money (and don't start on the parent factor). I can't get money because I don't have a useful website. Yer, I'm 16, but I have something to offer. But my...