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  1. Aquatix

    Including content

    Basically, all I want to do is (for example) include the contents of "nav.html" into the bottom of a bunch of other pages (ie. "index.html"), making some of the content dynamic. What's the best bet for doing this quickly and easily? Any examples or tips would be much appreciated, thanks. :)
  2. Aquatix

    invision graphics

    This coming from the kid with some sort of strange privacy issues? Yeah, right... :rolleyes: I have no idea why Phyxisus even bothered giving you that link - you totally didn't deserve it... and your attitude STINKS.
  3. Aquatix

    Great design

    What the hell is that mess supposed to be?!
  4. Aquatix

    Girls: Nice Eyecandy, but fkn annoying!

    I couldn't agree more. And the whole "burp and fart" thing - that REALLY shows your age. :rolleyes:
  5. Aquatix

    Site that takes 30gb/day

    No shit, Sherlock! :p Google currently responds to more than 200 million search queries per day.
  6. Aquatix

    Funny Stuff

    Most of those are absolute bollocks. People make up crap like that for the sake of having stuff to put on their websites. :rolleyes:
  7. Aquatix

    Domain for sale: $20,000?!

    drugstore.com Commercial Not available drugstore.net International Not available drugstore.org Organization Not available drugstore.biz Businesses Not available drugstore.info International Not available drugstore.co.uk UK Commercial Not available
  8. Aquatix

    invision graphics

    Whoa, better not share your email address, you never know what might happen to you. :rolleyes: Why should IBplanet give you ANYTHING if you're not willing to give them a few seconds of your time (and, WOW, your email address!) to register? Why should ANYONE give you anything? Why should we...
  9. Aquatix


    No. You just need to save them as more highly compressed JPG files.
  10. Aquatix

    [Review] Logo just made for a men's ezine

    Looks too much like the logo associated with "genuine leather goods" if you ask me. :p This is the best example I could find: http://www.leathersmith.com/logo.gif
  11. Aquatix

    Which do you like more?

    I suspect both of those header graphics are gonna be WAY too big... I hate going to a site and waiting for 100kb+ headers to load. :mad:
  12. Aquatix


    Err, I thought I already did? :rolleyes:
  13. Aquatix

    Yupadog v.X

    Trust me; it doesn't...
  14. Aquatix

    Domain for sale: $20,000?!

    Why do people insist on doing stupid things like that? $20,000 for a catchy & generic top level domain is pretty cheap if you ask me. Someone has already brought this up I think, but I just wanted to refer back the the whole Business.com thing - a bargin at $7m...
  15. Aquatix

    Element Of One

    Nice work. It makes a change that I can actually say "GOOD JOB!" instead of saying it's crap... :p I wish there were more sites like that up for review in this forum. From my initial browsing, I don't think there was a single thing I could really fault. :)
  16. Aquatix

    UK based?

    That's a pretty interesting point... Answers UH? :)
  17. Aquatix

    Legal Highs

    Have are you supposed to review possibly the most basic layout ever? It's not even a well made one; the nav seems to throw itself out of line in Opera. Come on! You haven't even titled the pages or altered the standard colour scheme in the slightest! (And the links - from the photos page -...
  18. Aquatix


    The layout concept is OK, but I don't like the BRIGHT blue colour scheme - try going for a more subtle royal blue or something. I'm not keen on the bevel/gradient fill, or the black lines which run down the sides, either. Format the text a little better, turn off the anti-alias on the small...
  19. Aquatix

    Yupadog v.X

    Yep, I've given plenty of credit where it's due. :rolleyes:
  20. Aquatix

    My site, need some opinions!

    www.creativemindslms.tk - It's a white page with a bunch of ugly text and graphics down the middle? Oh, and an ugly nav set-up at the top; better not forget that. :p Everything is all over the place! cmlms.3kd.net - Looks to much like a standard template. I don't like the dancing logo...