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  1. Toefur


  2. Toefur

    Where is blank verse

    I saw Bad Religion and I was thinking of him.
  3. Toefur


    i miss you guys!!!!
  4. Toefur

    Well, I got my Open Water Scuba License

    I just thought that I would share this with all my old chums here. On Saturday and Sunday I did four dives in the great ocean that we have here and am now, I guess, a certified scuba diver. I will be looking to get my advanced open water license soon. Anyway, it's really a pretty cool...
  5. Toefur

    I thought this place was dead...

    But apparently there are 25751 Unread Posts since my last visit. You'll have to excuse me, I'll catch up with you guys in a few weeks, I have 25751 Unread Posts to catch up on first.
  6. Toefur

    Long Live the Weekend

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays are currently my days off (next week changing to Fridays and Saturdays). Working full times, you appreciate your days off so much more. There's just not enough free time and days off in the world. I wish I could retire. How about you guys? How much time do you guys...
  7. Toefur

    Setting up ADSL on Windows ME

    I have to do this for somebody, and am wondering if I will have any difficulties with this? It's been used since I used anything but Windows XP, and all I remember about ME/98 is that they have shocking support for easily installing stuff like this. In fact, at this stage I can't even...
  8. Toefur

    Established Web Site for Sale

    I am [attempting] to sell a dear old website of mine that I have maintained for over six years now. It is not the most professional site in the world, and it is not the most traffic intensive site in the world. However, the site is a niche site and so would either suit somebody interested in...
  9. Toefur

    So, I got ripped off on Ebay

    I get this awesome deal of a laptop for only $1500 AU, and man... six months later, the video card totally craps out on me, the laptop is essentially DEAD. I am so unhappy, and also so poor becauseI only get 10 hours work a week at the moment. Ever been ripped off on ebay? Ive had fine...
  10. Toefur

    I invented a new drinking game last night

    I was undertaking a three hour trek home, along empty deserted highways. And I suggested for a drinking game that, each time a car passed us, that we would take one mouthful of... drink. This deserted highway at 2 in the morning quickly became, only moments after my holy proclamation, quite a...
  11. Toefur

    Should marijuana be legal for medical uses!

    Seriously, great topic guys. I would never even consider smoking marijuana, I believe. And I don't even know if it scientifically does anything, but I think that if it helps people with horrible, horrible, terminal illnessess like cancer, then I'm all for it. To deny them is criminal, I believe...
  12. Toefur

    It's time for more awesome threads

    Anhedonia has bought up a good point, where are all the good threads? Well, lemme tell ya: it's up to us to start them and, if we don't, our community that was built over the last five years falls apart. You know what would be the best thing to keep us together? If we all banded together and...
  13. Toefur

    How often do you eat pizza?

    It's a kind of important question, really. I eat it at least once a week. Once as my main evening meals, and other times either when I feel like pizza, when I've got no money for much else, or when I want some good food. Homemade pizzas are much better than bought ones, too. So I always make...
  14. Toefur

    Most AWESOME um... forum software?!

    Just kidding. Just wanted to see where all you guys are at in life these days. Some of us grew up together... :biggrin2: Me, I just turned 23 and I'm still a bum. I'm temporarily working at an EB Games store. Which is ironic, I think, because I'm not a nerd anymore and probably the only...
  15. Toefur

    Peo's birthday today?

    Is this an authentic date? Either way, I think a birthday party is in order.
  16. Toefur


    What's with all the threads in the general forum? None of the regulars, nothing interesting, and all sorts of geeky stuff that we're too cool for. Where is everyone?! What has become of this place!
  17. Toefur

    Laptop video/graphics problem?

    I have just encountered a video problem on my new laptop. See the attached image? I was playing Fable for about 20 minutes with no problem, and then the screen went like that, and the game froze. Now, I can't play the game more than a minute or two without it doing that. It hadn't done this...
  18. Toefur

    I got recruited by the US Army the other day

    We're in a supermarket looking for juice, and this shady looking guy comes up to us and he says something I didn't quite comprehend, but he stuck his hand out so I grabbed it and shook it, "G'day mate, how's it going?" He said hi, etc, said something which my friend heard and my friend said...
  19. Toefur

    Does anyone want to make me a Wordpress theme?

    Does anyone want to make me a Wordpress theme? (Will pay $!) Maybe some of you guys here are into that sort of thing, or enjoy it, or even know what you're doing. These days, all this crap is just way over my head, but I feel like blogging. I'll show/tell you what I want, and give you 25...
  20. Toefur

    Greetings from FRANCE

    Just thought Iµd say hello to all my old chums. France is okay; we went to disneyland hahahaha how awesome that was. Ive been in estonia for the last month, coolest plqce in the world: next is england; america and canada; but back to estonia for another week first: anyone wanna meet up and...