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  1. S.Clause

    1GB Space, +5GB Bandwidth, PHP, MYSQL, FTP

    Oh c'mon, no need to be rude... Where's the xmas spirit?
  2. S.Clause

    Reliable free host with php and mysql for me33patchcentral (50Mb, ~1.5Gb xfer)

    Hi, The site that needs hosting is me33patchcentral. It has a database with patches for the boss me-33 and the me-30 guitar multi-effect units. A partially backup content can be viewed here: http://web.archive.org/web/20050210195844/http://www.me33patchcentral.webkrazy.net/ If you read...
  3. S.Clause

    Review Some logos

    Have to agree with the above comments, none of them are any good. Tip: usually people use adobe illustrator when creating logo's and not photoshop. When creatign a logo you go for simplicity, not too many colors I would say max 3. Start out with a pencil and a paper try drawing the logo...
  4. S.Clause

    Redesigned Site From Scratch////||||\\\

    This design still needs ALOT of work. To be honest it looks asif you took different parts from different templates and glued them together. There are really alot of strange things: you've got that orange border at the right side, but none at the left side, the transition between main content...
  5. S.Clause

    New tutorial site

    I think the color scheme is fine. Although, like said above, the quality of the gifs is poor. Especially the one used in the header, "name.gif", is too much/badly compressed. Especially when you use gradients, too high of a compression really messes up the overall look.
  6. S.Clause

    Trial: 90mb Space / 9GB bandwith month / Fantastico / 90MEGS.COM

    Yeah, my site was suddenly gone too. Givemeplain, did you keep ANY backup of those site that were deleted?
  7. S.Clause


    Very simple indeed and to my taste it could be much nicer with better text formatting and color choice (Pink letters on brown bg?!...have you conciderd using any color sheme at all? ) Got some nice pictures good luck
  8. S.Clause

    air charter website

    The new design is indeed MUCH better, forget the old one. Don't have that much to say about it actually. Quite nice. I like the color sheme. A couple of things I would change though: the banner looks way too cluttered, there are like three big titles in it (I had to look carefully to find...
  9. S.Clause


    Agree with that, lay out should look better if you want to be actually hosting and A LOT BETTER if you want to get any design orders ... I mean: Web Site Development: $50.00/page? Content Management: $100.00/hour?? Those are some serious rates. Btw, if you will be looking for a hosting site...
  10. S.Clause

    Auctions @ yAuc!

    A link would be nice
  11. S.Clause

    CRA Racing website

    I would try using other font colors outside the main content frame. Like the grey nav menu on that grey background or those black links on the blue background, not enough contrast.
  12. S.Clause

    Please rate my new website

    I agree, color scheme is well implimented, except the banner; you could try using several colors from the palette there, besides blue. It's just too simple.
  13. S.Clause

    Please leave comments

    Yeah design is real simple, but I dig it. I would suggest formatting the text, too much Times New Roman for my taste. (Have you tried looking at the site in a not-maximized window? Cause bg gets messed up then)
  14. S.Clause

    design this myself

    Looks quite nice overall. If plain is what you where going for it's great, but I personally thing it could use more coloring. (ex. in stead of all those black frames(tables) you use for the offers I would try using something that complements that blue you use for those links at the top, that...
  15. S.Clause

    New layout

    Bit clumpsy; missing borders (top left, bottom). Needs some styling (css that is). Too much ads too. Like said I would bpick a darker font for the main content table. Good luck
  16. S.Clause

    [ Wishlist ]

    Well alrighty then!... Since you've been sucha nice boy.
  17. S.Clause


    Except for a couple of imperfections it looks fine.
  18. S.Clause

    SSCentral - please review

    You could check out a couple of sites from this thread: http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=56728
  19. S.Clause

    Review/Rate my site

    Have nothing new to add: the whole thing is too small. Font is too small too. I know it looks asif it's your style but I simply don't buy it. It is quite original though, but then again; there's a reason why no-one makes designs that small. Except that it looks pretty clean and simple.