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  1. Aquatix

    Including content

    Basically, all I want to do is (for example) include the contents of "nav.html" into the bottom of a bunch of other pages (ie. "index.html"), making some of the content dynamic. What's the best bet for doing this quickly and easily? Any examples or tips would be much appreciated, thanks. :)
  2. Aquatix

    "Proper" code for HTML textarea?

    Does anyone have the proper ("pure" if you will) code for a textarea which allows HTML? I figured since Iframes are SO hated that this was a suitable alternative for what I'm planning. The only examples I've found of what I'm looking for are all from those crappy "HTML help" websites which...
  3. Aquatix

    UK based?

    OK, so I was about to buy some hosting from Compila (www.Compila.co.uk) but I've just heard a few "less than glowing" reports about their services, so... Does anyone have any suggestions for UK based hosting companies with a good reputation, excellent support, reasonable prices, etc.? I...
  4. Aquatix

    Compila.co.uk - Anyone?

    Anyone ever used Compila.co.uk? Their prices are pretty good but the "unmetered bandwidth" (and the disclaimer in their FAQ) are a little worrying. Any comments good/bad appreciated. :)
  5. Aquatix

    Really basic UK hosting?

    OK, I'm looking for a paid host. All I need is: * 5mb space + * 2gb transfer/month + * FTP * UK based Thats about it. Anyone got any suggestions? As cheap as possible would be good... Cheers. :)
  6. Aquatix

    Myacen - Price hike?

    Am I imagining things or did Myacen just put their prices up?! :eek:
  7. Aquatix

    Another font...

    See attached image. Anyone recognise this one? Thanks in advance. :)
  8. Aquatix

    Photoshop effect?

    See attached image. (Excuse the quality - having to compress it from 40k to 14k made it look ugly!) Does anyone know a simple way to replicate this effect? Thanks in advance. :)
  9. Aquatix

    Anyone know this font?

    Anyone know what this font is? <see attached image> Thanks in advance. - Aquatix :)
  10. Aquatix


    http://www.0catch.com/ Anyone got experience with this host? Cheers. :)
  11. Aquatix


    www.myacen.com - are they good? I notice lots of their site is still "under construction". There sign-up page doesn't work either - you can't select a new domain: https://secure.myacen.com/order/ Anyone have experience with this company? Would like to hear your feedback. Thanks...
  12. Aquatix

    Expanding graphics?

    Anyone know a way to create expanding graphics as seen below? http://www.advantage.msn.co.za/flattened/83AAD93E-B591-4F38-A1F9-A777DFCF80BA.asp I was looking for one where you hover over a 468x60 banner and a "seperate" graphic scrolls down from below to form a larger image attached to the...
  13. Aquatix

    Gradual link colour change...

    Anyone know how to set your links to fade back and forth between colours when you hover over them, instead of just changing instantly? - Aquatix :)
  14. Aquatix

    Reseller Programs...

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but it doesn't fit anywhere else... So, whats the deal with web hosting reseller programs? Anyone got any experiences? Can you think of any good programs? Good way to earn? etc, etc, etc... Just curious to hear your general feedback. -...
  15. Aquatix

    A *new* host?! gloverworld.co.uk...

    Not sure if anyone has seen this before, but I just stumbled across http://www.gloverworld.co.uk/webhosting.html - looks quite good... Anyone got any experience with them? Comments, pros, cons, etc. I'm assuming they've only been running for a short while... - Aquatix
  16. Aquatix


    I'm easily pleased when it comes to free hosting. After much looking, I'm at a loss as to which host to use... All I need is... FTP Access. 5-10 megs of space. Minimal (or no) advertising. Reasonable bandwidth - the more the better! ...Thats it! Nothing fancy... the site is...
  17. Aquatix

    Replacing BH?

    I know I'm probably on my own here, but... I'm quite a fan of Bordhost.com forums - I have one or two running which are very successful. (Simple to set up, simple to maintain, no registration for users, etc. - maybe I'm just too lazy to set up something more robust!:D) I was hoping to set...
  18. Aquatix

    Desperate to get phpBB2 working...

    After having battled with the original phpBB, I decided that I should cut my losses, quit and then try the latest version. So, first problem - I struggle finding somewhere to download it from. Where is the "official" download page? Anyroad, I gets myself a copy and there are no kind of...
  19. Aquatix


    I've downloaded a copy (can't remember where from) but it seems to lack any kind of instructions. Can anyone recommend somewhere to download a copy with instructions? - Aquatix (BTW. Does anyone think there is a better forum than phpBB?)
  20. Aquatix


    I run a few sites, many of which are on quite specialist subjects. One of the most popular currently recieves 7'000 visits per month and about 2-3 times as many impressions. Many of these are from Search Engines, mainly Google. I'm considering upgrading hosting options and want to hit...