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    Free Site Advertising - Mioola

    Free performance-based advertising network. Webmasters can exchange image and text ads between relevant websites: Free Site Advertising on Mioola
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    Add your site for free - Directory INT

    Add your Site to International Web Directory for Free. Web Directory INT (Add Site)
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    Free Windows platform web host with PHP

    Thank you for the links
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    Free Windows platform web host with PHP

    Thank you for the link, now I can understand what is post2host exactly. I need more like a free test server and windows os is a must... to make my script work.. don't know, will look into it later.
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    BidVertiser vs. Google AdSense

    With Bitvertiser is that they have less advertisers so less relevant ads to display ...so the CTR is not that good. Google as no problems with advertisers, nor displaying relevant and attractive ads, and so the CTR is much higher.
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    Gmail vs Hotmail - Which is better?

    I had some problems lately with Hotmail because can't attach anything to email from Firefox browser etc, it's primary email service I use, probably should switch to Gmail, but am used to Hotmail too much.
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    Image Hosting Idea

    There are a lot of image hosts out there, and I personally would not download an application for image upload and management. Simplest ways are the best ones, that is my opinion (this means less registration, fast and easy, do not need to learn an application etc).
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    Free Windows platform web host with PHP

    I may look more into it, because post2host seems to me as far as Mars. I go to your site post2host and how can I get a free server, seems to me like a forum? Thank you
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    Referral Program Software or?

    1. Add a new field to user/registered.users table via phpmyadmin control panel(mysql, "add new field after x"), example name it "ref" (example. user with id "1" refers an new user who future id(after registration) is "2" and so into field "ref" will be inserted "1" (the user 1 referred him))...
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    I am a big fan of Google Chrome.

    firefox vs chrome Everytime I open my firefox(after pc shutdown) all add-ons info popup in separated tabs and it says add-on not there. Also if I can enable it it will be re-disabled again and again after new start. There are really problems with Firefox add-ons. Chrome sometimes can't...
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    Free Windows platform web host with PHP

    post2host doesn't work for me, sry not what I am looking for. Need more control
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    Free Windows platform web host with PHP

    I am searching for a free web hosting with Windows OS/ platform MYSQL/ and with PHP and 99% uptime