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    How long have you build a website?

    Thank you for everyone post here, i know it is diffichlt to build a website, but i will not give it up, so please tell me which site is good for me to learn it? Tnanks again!
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    Welcome to CashisOnline.com

    ? What happened? i really don't know, can you tell me waht's wrong with Homes? The website doesn't belongs to him?!
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    Please review new version PHP Forms site

    Good website, but the website seems not very attractive, I think you'd better add more lovely image to it, it will be interesting! Thanks for your sharing, come on!
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    visitor counter

    Very good question and very good answers, i;m very glad that you have solved this problom. Thanks for all friends sharing the good info!
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    How long have you build a website?

    I only want to learn about web design, because my work is related with it, i only want to know how to design a simple wensite, not need so beautiful style and wonderful content, can you help me?
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    Post your desktop

    Very nice desktop! i want to change my desktop background with a beautiful picture, but i don't know how to do, can you tell me?
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    How do I get my HTML to the Web server?

    I think FTP is the best choice for you to get HTML to the Web server.
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    How long have you build a website?

    I want to know how long have you build a website and how to do it? Recently, i ready to design a website, but i have no experience on it! Thanks for your any help!
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    Layout/Design Review Request

    I feel is too complex when i entered your website, the word description is so much! I think you can change the background color and reducde the words, it will be more attractive!
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    What is your mode of transportation?

    I like "Schmarvin's car", i will post my picture recently! Thanks for sharing your pictures!
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    Do this

    It is really very cool, thank you!
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    I don't understand with some people.

    I think the situation is very accordingly, it is always happen im pur real life. So, you needn't mind this!
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    Review my design please. [1024x819]

    I can't open your link, what happened? I asked some friends help me open it, but failed, but i eager to enjoy your design!
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    Best software for web designing?

    I think Dreamweaver & Photoshop is the best choice for website design!
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    basic designing tips

    I suggest you visit some design websites, and learn how to design a website, or you can use some tools for it, i think this way is very easy and quick!
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    Best software?

    Adobe Photoshop CS4 Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Adobe Flash CS4 These software are really very useful for web design, and i think you can also search some other tools in google!
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    Best software?

    Adobe photoshop is the best choice!
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    Site Name

    I really want to give some advice for you, but can you describe your project clearly? oy which style for it?
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    Please review my proxy site

    When i entered your website, i saw "ProxySites.us maintains a listing of latest unblocked internet proxies to allow you to browse the net anonymously." I want to know what is the ProxySites meaning?!
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    Review my free host design

    I like the website style, it is simple and clean, it made me comfortable, thanks for sharing it!