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    ▲▼▲▼▲ The Best Linux/Windows Web Hosting Starting at $1 a month ▲▼▲▼▲

    I bought their advanced account, $16.75/yr with the coupon. Everything seems to be okay so far, thanks!
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    Free multi forum script?

    If you have some server administration skills it shouldn't be too hard to setup manually. When a user makes a forum simply add a virtual host to apache, make and dump a database for the forum software, and make a copy of the forum. Then you'd simply have an automated forum creator at which point...
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    Hotlinked.org: Direct Hotlink File Hosting and Sharing

    Yeah, there's just a history of different names and threads over several years. I remember seeing at one point he was using HostGator, which was strange and explains why the site disappeared. I also remember he released the script for Letever (one of his old names) and I fixed up the poorly...
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    Hotlinked.org: Direct Hotlink File Hosting and Sharing

    Not to go thread bashing here, but, I've seen you have had this exact service under several different names many times and each time it has gone under. What's going on here?
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    Free Web Hosting | USA Based Servers | cPanel

    It says: "Out Of Stock". Any idea when this will be available again?
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    ||| imbahost.com - 500MB Space, 10GB Bandwidth, cPanel, Servers in Germany |||

    I must say their hosting is pretty good, ping isn't bad considering I live in the United States. Only had downtime for about a 1/2 hour one day, I assume it was for server maintenance. All in all, everything seems to work great.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    >Wao this is teh longest thread I has ever even seen! I feel that to be an appropriate reaction to an 11 year old thread with 1645 pages.
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    Need Reliable Host

    I found one on my own, not sure how good/reliable the company is yet. If anything goes wrong I'll probably go with WSWD. I don't feel like transferring everything over at the moment, hehe. Thanks though, everyone!
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    Need Reliable Host

    Hey guys, I wanted to create a small forum for my school. Most of my friends are splitting this way and that, and I wanted a place where we could all still chat. I'd really appreciate these specs if possible: 1GB Space 5-10GB Bandwidth (probably won't go near that, but to be safe)...
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    SwankShare.com - Completely Free and No Limits!

    So it takes 10,000 US downloads to cash out? Hm... yeah. Seems legit.
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    QuickClickHosting.com - Free Hosting - cPanel, Softaculous and much more!

    He means adverts on the user's site. He just poorly worded it. :P
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Guilty as charged. :P
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    The day after the internet ceases to exist, we will have a giant party with Peo!
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    Windows RDP/VNC Account

    I gave up on that, lol. I got a little credit card for Christmas and wanted a little XP box to tinker with... I just gave up and got one of my old systems running. :P I wanted to mess around with the old Microsoft Sam voices, which aren't available in Windows 7. :\ Request thread close.
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    Windows RDP/VNC Account

    I was wondering what kind of Windows RDP/VNC account/system I can get for $20-$25/yr. Requirements: OS: Windows XP/Server 2003 Space: At least 750mb userspace, I can always attach a samba drive. Bandwidth: I want at least 100gb, just to be safe. Network speed: 1megabit minimal System specs...
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    [WSWD Inc.] Free Reseller Accounts - 5GB Disk Space, 10GB Bandwidth

    Once again, this is meant for you to "kickstart" your own hosting company, thus the requirements. Anyone suitable of starting a hosting company would have to have some kind of ability to pay online. Try to get a prepaid visa card and use Google Checkout.
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    Mixed file extensions and SEO?

    Hmm... well I wouldn't think so. If you're weary, just change the extension to to PHP.
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    Free Virtual PCs - 8 available

    Setting up your Virtual PC now... please wait.
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    Free Virtual PCs - 8 available

    Okay, I'll set you up and send you a PM soon. I'll need to get a reverse proxy setup though, so give me a bit of time for that.
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    Free Virtual PCs - 8 available

    I will send you a PM in a moment.