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  1. - Dan

    [PHP?] How to make status bar?

    Hello FWS members, I am curious about how to make a status bar. Let say you have a hard disk space and it shows 10Gb / 100Gb. Now I want to make a bar that will display this data. so 1/10 of the bar will be in green/red colour and the 9/10 will be in white colour. Since only 10 gb has been...
  2. - Dan

    WTB: IPB or VB License

    Hello, I am interested to buy these license, so if you have any owned or leased IPB license or Owned vb license and you want to sell it please pm me or reply it here. Thanks.
  3. - Dan

    HippoHost.NET | One Week Special!

    Hippohost.Net "Support is our priority" Hippohost.net has been providing hosting and design services since January 06. Our server uptime is 99.97 in overall from January - July. We guarantee our uptime will not go below 99.5, otherwise we will refund your money for that month. We provide...
  4. - Dan

    Script like osCommerce without checkout

    Hello, Is there any software that looks like osCommerce, but without the checkout and money things? I am looking for the one that can display pictures with some description under each of the picture. Then when user click it, then a new page with bigger picture and with complete...
  5. - Dan

    Help me to get PDA :)

    Hello all ^_^ I have a friend that is going to travel overseas, so she asked me to get a PDA for her. But I have not much information for PDA. So far that I know, she want to use the PDA for email. So I think the PDA should have wireless device and quite decent processor to get email or...
  6. - Dan

    Back Up Space for a week.

    Hello, I need about 20-25 GB space for server back up. So I'll need ssh to transfer my backup to your place for a while then I'll transfer it back to my server. I need this because I am moving my server to a new server. Let me know your price. Thanks
  7. - Dan

    Freewebspace is looking good :)

    Hello, Just want to share this information, not sure if this has been posted before or not. But somehow Freewebspace.net shows good traffic/post :) http://www.big-boards.com/board/1026/ (Guess what happen after 29 Oct :bandit2: ) http://www.big-boards.com/highlight/1026/ (Have good rank...
  8. - Dan

    Proxy in your server?

    Hello :) Just wonder fellow hoster. Will a site that have php proxy (You know the script that allow people to browse with proxy) cause your server slow? Since I have in my server a proxy site, when I check the cpu/memory/sql usage he always number 1. With the highest process percentage. I...
  9. - Dan

    Uppanel.net is for sale...

    Hello, I just come accross in WHT, there is a good advertisement. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=462065 Uppanel.com is for sale. Just curious what will be happen later. Edited: Mod help change uppanel.net to .com :) Sorry for wrong title
  10. - Dan

    Fast Support! High Bandwidth! Good Deal! Cheap Price!

    Special Price for Huge Hippo and Flying Hippo! Hello there, Are you looking for big bandwidth hosting? Fast support? And affordable price for you? We have reduced our price for Huge Hippo (shared) plan and Flying Hippo (reseller) plan just for you! Huge Hippo Plan (Shared hosting)...
  11. - Dan

    Great reputation. :)

    Hello, I just wondering around in the member list and then want to see who get the highest reputation, but I was amazed with http://freewebspace.net/forums/member.php?u=3167 Just want to share somehow. Something nice about this forum.
  12. - Dan

    "You'll never know how good our service is until you try it yourself."

    Hippohost.net is Ready to Receive Order (Offer expired on 30 November) Shared Hosting Special Price MEDium Hippo 700 MB Space, 20,000 MB Bandwidth (10,000 MB Upload / 10,000 MB Download), 2 Parked domains, 2 Add-on domains, 20 Subdomains. Special Price for FWS member = $ 5.00 / Month...
  13. - Dan

    7 Free Hosting Offered by Hippohost.net

    Hello, As hippohost.net is ready to lauch, I offer only 7 slim hippo accounts for free to public. As information of slim hippo plan, 300 MB, 4,000 MB download/4,000 Mb upload (Big bandwidth) , cpanel. However there are some requirements that you need to follow, 1. You need to have...
  14. - Dan

    Community Liason?

    Hello, Just wonder is there any community liason or somehow someone that taking care for validating license like perhaps in the future some people will sell clientexec/vb or other license which need to be valid. If not just a suggestion perhaps need one or two person. Since I see Jan helped...
  15. - Dan

    Some great designs for sale...

    Hello, I am selling some good design / illustration from my designer. Duck Illustration Colour can be changed Full Rights .AI file Price start from $40.00 Or buy it now for $60.00 Cartoonish Mascot Colour can be changed Full Rights .AI file Price start from $40.00 Or buy it...
  16. - Dan

    Please review hippohost.net

    Hello, I think it's my time to ask for you guys about my site. I paid for the design and logo. Then take me a while to coding it somehow. So please shoot any comments bad/good, negative/positive, suggestion/critiques and other. I am open minded person :) So I am happy to hear any words...
  17. - Dan

    Free unlicensed anime for download :)

    Hello, I just want to give information what 0r0.net is providing at the moment. 0r0.net is now providing some unlicensed anime for download in the forum. However in order to access the anime download need to post 25 posts somehow. So in order to block the leecher as well :) So... Just...
  18. - Dan

    Where .Info Cheap? :)

    Hello, Just wonder where can I get .info domain very cheap price somehow :) Since I am thinking to get one ^^ I just found one domain name.info that for me ^^ Please share with me ^^ or is there any free offer for .info domain name? Cheers. Dan
  19. - Dan

    Good information for newcomer :)

    Hey all, Today I just get a link to a website http://www.sharkeater.com/postingandyou.html Check it out ^^ Somehow it's useful for new comer in the forum :)
  20. - Dan

    Does Clientexec have coupons?

    Hello all, I just wonder since I want to get a clientexec somehow then someone said to me that Clientexec does not have coupons or special code somehow. Then I heard that ModernBill have coupon code (somehow a bit more expensive) not sure about WhmAP. So for you guys that have used these...