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  1. [NeO]

    posting in categories

    Does anybody now a news publishing script or something wich I can use to post reviews in different categories(PHP prefered). I've tested much news publishing scripts all of them hadn't the option of posting in categories (so i can post reviews in categorie "graphics" and "coding",...). And I...
  2. [NeO]

    DBZ fan site for anime fans

    Hello, Could someone please check my Dragonball z/anime fan site? It may take a while to load cause of the layout but its nice I think and I used some colors that I don't use much. Its my first layout in Paint Shop Pro 7 (normally I use photoshop 6 - 7) The site is in dutch and english...
  3. [NeO]

    Xnetuk free hosting is over

    Damn they just quit. And I just had a site running on their free service. They had great services but they couldn't hold on for long. I wish I could pay for hosting:rolleyes:
  4. [NeO]

    Check renewed site

    I renewed 1 of my old sites and changed the name. I'm not that good in graphics (photoshop,...)and I've made my site pretty light (not many images and text so I save bandwith and loads faster) the design and site aren't ready yet but someone could review it and give some suggestions to make it...
  5. [NeO]

    hosting database

    Does somebody now any script (perl,php,...) to set up a dabase with hosts. Something like freewebspace.net or freehosting.come.to is perfect. Does anyone now this kind of script. I hope its free.:biggrin2: . Plz cuz I want this kind of script. Thnx:D
  6. [NeO]


    Maybe I wanna sign up for hosting @ ipowerweb.com. For +-8 $ a month you get all the stuff + free domain + no setup fee Does anyone now their good? Or does someone now any better host with the same things but with a lower price? (english and dutch sites plz)
  7. [NeO]

    Small download site

    I made a small download site. I made a pretty simple lay-out (did it in +- 1.30 hour) But its fast to navigate and not much pics so I don't use much bandwith and the site is fast for modem users.:) I already posted the site on some forums and the people all say its fine...what do you guyz...
  8. [NeO]

    Is there....

    a host who gives 80MB space or more with much bandwith and cgi - perl and no ads (or popups,no banners) I don't need it so hard but I just ask. no host.sk plz.:)