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  1. CareBear


    Looks like my ISP this morning decided that freewebspace.net no longer exists :confused4 I thought there was some downtime initially, until I still couldn't get it to load after a couple of hours. Everything works fine, except it can't resolve (www.)freewebspace.net to an IP. :eek2:
  2. CareBear

    HD troubles

    More specifically: issues with a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 160Gb 8Mb cache model. The drive is barely a week old and I'm having trouble with the BIOS not recognizing it once every 4-5 reboots. It'll work fine 90% of the time and then suddenly decide to drop down to floppy disk like read/write...
  3. CareBear

    Why you shouldn't rely on computer translations...

    You'd think post production checking would have caught something like that. :o
  4. CareBear

    WindowsXP SP2

    A lot of people I know have been downloading unofficial SP2s from websites or P2P programs. Quite a few of those are not the final build, but earlier release candidates and at least one has been reported (as yet unverified) to have been altered to include god knows what. I would expect people...
  5. CareBear

    "Private" nameservers are a good thing

    This might be something everyone knows about already, but I just noticed this and thought I'd share. :-) I always used godaddy's "private" nameserver registering option to have ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com for my domains, instead of ns1.myhost.com and ns2.myhost.com Apparantly...
  6. CareBear

    Linux file permissions

    I'm struggling with file permissions under Linux; there doesn't seem to be any way to keep the file owner from changing permissions on a file or directory or to automatically assign rights to newly created subdirectories. :confused4 What I need: to create a bunch of user directories while...
  7. CareBear

    LCD modules

    Does anyone happen to know of companies selling programmable LCD modules? An example
  8. CareBear

    PHP annoyances

    I guess this doesn't really belong here but I need to vent a little right now :P Each time I use PHP I fail to see what people think is so great about it, unless they just don't know any better :confused2. You waste hours trying to figure out why your code is misbehaving because you can't do...
  9. CareBear

    nuclear race

    Is everyone start a nuclear arsenal race again? North Korea powered up a nuclear power plant and is suspected of using it to make a bomb.. Iran built several nuclear facilities that would give it the ability to make one in months.. Russia wants to modernize it's current nuclear arsenal and the...
  10. CareBear

    bowling rules

    Does someone have a link to the rules of bowling? Actually I only need the way the points are awarded. The only thing I found so far are rules for championship games but not the actual game rules..
  11. CareBear

    XP question

    what happened to the preview pane in Explorer? :confused: Is it still there but hidden somewhere or did they just remove it? When you clicked on a picture you used to get a little thumbnail, if you clicked on a video/audio file you'd get Windows Media Player etc.
  12. CareBear

    the Java applet from hell

    I was researching a math problem earlier and came across one particular .edu site that featured a Java applet showing a graphical representation of the problem. It started loading fine enough but midway my PC just powered down. When I powered it up again Win2k wouldn't start anymore.. about 3-4...
  13. CareBear

    Microsoft introduces next generation portable toilet

    I don't think I'd even want to touch the keyboard after it's been on a few hundred people's lap :nervous:
  14. CareBear


    My Microsoft software subscription finally came through.. I kept being sceptical of it until the last minute but it's all there... WinXP Pro, OfficeXP Pro, Encarta 2003 (not that I have much use for that) and Visual Studio .NET 2002 all in downloadable iso format :) People can say what they...
  15. CareBear

    Norton Antivirus 'rant'

    I finally figured out why one of my PC's was spontaniously rebooting every 20-25 days... it was rather annoying since it would only happen while I was away or sleeping and then I had to wait another 20+ days before it happened. Short reason is that Norton has a memory leak of 1Kb every 3-4...
  16. CareBear

    Windows PE

    I know about no warez postings but this isn't really.. kind of.. Windows PE is an stripped down, about 120Mb version of WinXP that will boot completely from CD. It's part of the MSDN kit for volume licensing. It would be invaluable for recovering a non booting system since you get disk and...
  17. CareBear

    browser to target for?

    I have Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 installed so I'm not too concerned with testing on those. I'm open to suggestions for other browsers though :) For Netscape I'm thinking of installing a v4.7 copy but for more recent ones I really don't have a clue. Which one is still used by a fair...
  18. CareBear

    USB flash drives

    Has anyone had any experience using them? I'm considering a 128Mb or 256Mb one but there seem to be quite a few brands around with fairly large price differences between them. ($70 for a 128Mb one - I forgot the brand - vs $120 for an Iomega 128Mb one). Any suggestions/experience with them...
  19. CareBear

    reconfiguring keys

    Someone I know won a free microsoft natural keyboard but it's qwerty instead of the usual azerty here and he's intent on wanting to make it type azerty even though the keys won't match then :rolleyes: Changing the keyboard mapping would work except he only wants the letters to be in azerty but...
  20. CareBear

    cnn's Peter Arnett

    does someone have a comment or link to the story? The way it seems on the news here he was dismissed for the sole reason that he criticized the progress of the war thusfar and because cnn eventually gave in to pressure from the white house to fire him? :confused: (Edited to add that I just...