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    Hide yo kidz

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzNhaLUT520 I know I'm a little late to the party, but still, I ----in love this guy. Well, only in this video, anyway.
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    Just downloaded some RAM

    Had 8GB of RAM, but since RAM's so dirt cheap at the moment, I went and bought 8GB more Now have 16G. What now? Will my internets be faster? Seriously though, are there any added benefits of having more RAM? I doubt the system ever used up 8GB before the upgrade
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    Breaking News: Some bull---- happening somewhere

    My favorite used to be Sony's stupid piece of ----. But this, you see it every day on the news. Here's some footage of Congress. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U4Ha9HQvMo
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    What's the point of burning simulations?

    I just wasted 5 minutes of my time waiting for the burning software to finish burning an iso image, only to find a prompt telling me that "the simulation was successful, would you like to burn the disc now?" WTF!?
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    Post your reputations

    I was fooling around with the new forum cp, hating the new version vb all the way (took me a while to actually locate the ----ing control panel, it's now called sissy---- settings, WTF?), and noticed for the first time that I have received [relatively] new reps and comments even though I've...
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    How come the glass slippers

    Just saw deeplist post an image: And suddenly wondered, the glaring, 800-pound-gorilla-in-the-room plot hole that I have never noticed or thought about twice. In Disney's Cinderella, how come after 12 o'clock midnight, everything magically transformed turns back to its original state, with...
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    I quit

    ----, I just quit my job as a sales from some big company. Got sick of all the corporate bull----, the unbelievable customers, no compensation for mandatory overtime, no commission for sales (WTF?!), and half the workload aren't even sales related. So much for that business trip to Dubai...
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    Has anyone ever been there? I'm taking a business trip to Dubai in October (and hey, that marks a whole ----ing DECADE here on fws!), and would like to know if there are any places of interest that you might recommend, whether it's scenic, food, entertainment, other must sees, etc...
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    Starcraft 2

    Is it worth buying?
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    Desktop calendar/planner/post-it widget-thing for XP?

    Hey, how do you get one of those widget like apps on your desktop in XP? I've seen some nice looking widgets on some screen grabs. I never had a need for one though, until now. I seriously need some sort of organizer on my desktop so that I can write little appointment notes and alerts and...
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    No worry!! Make calm yourself

    http://usb.brando.com/usb-big-red-button_p01726c035d15.html I'm tempted to get one. I love pushing buttons. Especially big red buttons.
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    Halp... my cat does all these things Wat do?
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    PHP or MySQL: which is faster in this scenario?

    I've written an upload script, and I need it to check if the filename it's uploading already exists on the server every time somebody uploads something. I have two methods of checking, one using PHP's file_exists, the other is grabbing the table from MySQL. The question is, which method is more...
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    Find and remove child from XML with PHP

    I have an XML document: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <level1> <data fruit="apple"/> <data fruit="orange"/> <data fruit="pear"/> </level1> I want to find the <data> with attribute 'fruit' that is an "orange", and delete the whole <data> so that the resulting XML looks...
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    Need help, how to pop up layer with close button? (javascript)

    What I want: A link on the page that opens a layer on top of the page (not a window popup), covers the original content, loads content like a normal window does (for example, I can set it to load somefile.php or someflash.swf depending on the link), and the ability to close it with a...
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    What is benglish, who is Mentok, and what's up with this scoggialicia character and all these your favorite threads.
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    Microsoft Proposes Acquisition of Yahoo!

    http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2008/feb08/02-01CorpNewsPR.mspx Yahsoft? Microhoo? Yacrosoft? Yahoosoft? Yahoo! by Microsoft?
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    Is it possible to map a key on the keyboard to a program/shortcut

    In other words, can you make a standard key (like the caps lock key for instance) into a programmable key, where you can define its function, say, open up notepad instead of its usual caps lock function. I know there are programs that edit the registry to remap keys to existing key functions...
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    How do you disable visual effect in windows media player 11?

    Hai, I'm tempted to say as title... I don't like or want the visual effects when listening to music. This isn't about using winamp or foobar instead, because I listen to this online radio service that generates mms urls that only works in wmp for some reason (I hear it's due to some...