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    Multi Domain Hosting

    Hi, I need a hosting account to show my portfolios. The requirement: - Multi domain hosting, 10-20 domain names. - Space not too much, since every website only have about 10 static (.html) files and some images. So basically 100MB is well enough. - Bandwith is very low, maybe 1-3GB is...
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    Securing hidden fields in HTML Form

    Hi, I'm using HTML Form to send information of my visitors (Visitor submit this form directly) to destination.com as follow: <form name="form1" action="http://destination.com/receiver" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="Login" value="My-Username"> <input type="hidden"...
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    Receive from HTML Form, Add some then submit to another server

    Hi, I need help to make php scripts to receive value from HTML FORM then add some value, then post all the value to destination address. file1.html will have this: <form name="form1" action="file2.php" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="Cust" value="John Doe"> <input...
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    Non-US merchant account or credit card processor

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia and looking for merchant account or credit card processor for my store. I would like to have it with my own shopping cart, CC Now does not allow own shopping cart. My option limited to 2CheckOut. I need your advice.... :) :) Thank you.
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    Domain name wizard

    Hi, I have an idea to build my 3rd online store... All idea is already in my mind, including choosing the perfect and the best domain name possible. But after I try to look availability of some domain names, I got stuck. All domain names I got in my mind is registered already by someone. I...
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    Rokok Zone - The Finest Indonesian Cigarettes

    Dear all, I just finish my website. Title: Rokok Zone URL: http://www.rokokzone.com Description: The Finest Indonesian Cigarettes But I realize that my website is not perfect. Kindly review my website. Any queries and critics are very welcome. Thank you and warm regards.
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    Hi, I want to use email hosting at entergroup.com, but still never heard about them. Do you guys know www.entergroup.com ? Any experience or opinion for www.entergroup.com ? As I know, they have web hosting also at www.fazter.com Please advice. Thank you.
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    Bali Art World

    Hi, Kindly review my new design for Bali Art World. Address: www.baliartworld.com Thank you in advance.
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    Newbie to dedicated server

    Hi, I'm an active webhosting reseller and thinking to expand it to dedicated server, but I'm new to this stuff and all the screen is grey for me. I'm thinking of using Cobalt RAQ4 because the price is low and have very great features. CMIIW. I found many prices, vary from US$50-200, for the...
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    Ventures Online

    Hi, I want to start my webhosting business. I have plan to try reseller account at venturesonline.com Please give your opinions (anything) about venturesonline.com Thank you.
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    Domain reselling for Indonesia

    Hi, I want to start my domain reselling business, but I got a lot of headache when searhing around. The problems: 1. A lot of registrar require my customer to do credit card order, but in area, Indonesia, not much people have credit card. 2. I have little knowledge about programming. 3...
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    Apointe.com (Re-designed)

    Hi, Kindly review www.apointe.com Apointe.com http://www.apointe.com Every input is very very appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Bali Art World

    Hi, Please kindly review my site Bali Art World http://www.baliartworld.com The art of the island of thousand temples Every input is really appreciated. Thanks.
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    Bali Art World

    Hi, We have just launch the Bali Art World website and we realize that some hole still there. Also we know that maybe some important detail accidentally left out. Please take a look at our website and let us know what you think needs to be added. Your feedback about quality, speed, and other...
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    Domain registration service - US$11.95

    Dear guys, I'm Dotster's reseller and just starting my domain registration services. Because I got cheaper price than the regular price at Dotster, so I can give you cheaper price too. :) Dotster's price: US$14.95 My price: US$11.95 Please visit my site at: apointe.com Thank you very much.
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    Could you review my site?

    What do you guys/girls think? Thank you. apointe
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    Dear all members, Do you guys know about the new proposal from ICANN for .org domain names? I have about 3 org domain names, and mainly they used for my own personal interest. Not one of them is assosiated with any non-profit organizations, or anything like that. With the new proposal...
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    Taoist's Site

    My site is about Taoism. SiuTao.com Is it any good? How can I improve? Any query is very appreciated. Thanks.