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    Netscape display prob.

    But if you can make your site compatible with Netscape, there should be no problem with IE. And that's why I like to design pages based on Netscape. And your source is long and a bit messy for me(everything not done in my way looks messy to me :p) , so I am too lazy to check for you. But...
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    anyone using xml for designing sites?

    Hmm... Maybe becos with XML, they can make their own definitions for certain codes?
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    Dedicated Servers

    I think Tera-byte.com is having promotion for their Raq servers. If you want raq, you might wanna check them out.
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    All host please read...

    Hey guys... I want to make a page having a big list of web host around the world. And I hope you can help me with this. Just send your URL , and your Company Name to "seejianjye@hotmail,com" . Well, I just want to put up a list, nothing else, and hope most the host out there can help...
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    Hypermart and CentralInfo Help

    Well, this is how I really deal with it. I point it to WRS.net or jwdx.com (down, I believe) . And from there, I redirect my domain to any page I want. Well, if you need further information, you might email me at seejianjye@mypad.com . Not checking this forum very often...
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    If you could be a Computer Part, Which part would you be?

    I will be the power supply. :) And rules you all. :p ... Without the power, nothing can work...
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    Another 10q for you, Ron... :)
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    Oh... I see...
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    Emmm .. $50 per lead? What is "lead" ?
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    Another newbie...

    Clear Blue Media and Affilate Target , which one do you think is better ? Or any better suggestion? I am really a newbie in this ad method and hope you guys can help me out.
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    Paypal goes global!

    Paypi.com and paypai.com and paypal.com ??? Which one are you guys talking? :p I don't really understand the concept ofPaypal.com rating, can someone please explain to me?
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    Any alternative for Everyone.net ?

    Well, thanks for everyone who give the suggestions and replied my message. Everyone.net fixed my problems finally. :) They are very slow, but at least they fixed it. But unluckily, or maybe luckily, I am going with Northsky.com(they changed their name lately, rite?) .
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    Having problems with woofcat.com...

    Well, I am getting the fatal error as well. Tried until fed up... :p
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    Any alternative for Everyone.net ?

    I prefer domain...
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    Help Me Run Free Web Host

    I know a few free host there don't make money with advertisement. They ask for donation from their members. And they do their upgrade of server, or connection with the donation. And not everyone start up a free host for money. Some might be just trying to get some experience etc... And...
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    Any alternative for Everyone.net ?

    You can choose either one when you sign up with them...
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    Help Me Run Free Web Host

    Emmm... What are these 4 ppl going to do? Kind of interested, mail me and let me know the details. :)
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    Any alternative for Everyone.net ?

    No!!!!! See what they wrote... "You may have a domain that is currently powering an existing website. In this case we require you to migrate your website contents over to our servers and allow Outblaze 50% of the banner advertisement inventory in top (premium position) or 100% of the banner...
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    Any alternative for Everyone.net ?

    Thank you. They do offer free web-based email. But... Are they reliable and fast??? Anyone using them or used them before can give any comment?
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    Any alternative for Everyone.net ?

    Emm... I will be needing lots of e-mail address. Thanks anyway. Anymore?