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    Overselling, and why i'm sick of it.

    Good Question, I am not sure. We use hardware to manage and load balance our internet and it is the most accurate I have seen.
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    Overselling, and why i'm sick of it.

    Where is the report coming from? Many traffic scripts do not actually give the real usage of bandwidth. If you look at an unmetered view of a limited connection, it can better describe the real GB of transfer.
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    Overselling, and why i'm sick of it.

    The other problem was that people did not read what I wrote. Just as I said before, Those are the companies I "know of". See some people might of read it as "Rackspace and WMSpecialities are the only non-overselling hosts of the world", but that was not what was written. Also in my other post, I...
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    Overselling, and why i'm sick of it.

    Well, that is one downside to forums and email, Tone can not be expressed. I am sorry if it did not sound right.
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    Overselling, and why i'm sick of it.

    No, I said those are the companies that I know of. I said that there are others. I do not know them though. Could you list others? And yes I agree with you on part B) of your post. Back to my point, most of the hosting world over-subscribes. Explain how you see it, because I could be wrong and...
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    Overselling, and why i'm sick of it.

    Exactly my point. The only point I was trying to bring across is the hosting industry oversells. The Planet vs. Rackspace. The Planet over-subscribes and Raskspace does not. Do not get me wrong over-subscribing is ok and it works.
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    Overselling, and why i'm sick of it.

    I agree, but the bandwidth on the offer, does not amount to any offers in this forum. Another example is The Planet, 1200GB for this same server is about half the price as Rackspace. Hottweelz, I lost you. The industry depends on over-subscribing. I do not see what you are talking about?
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    Overselling, and why i'm sick of it.

    Actually all hosting companies over-subscribe. That is how they make money. If you actually saw the price of not over-selling you probably would think that there is something wrong. The only companies that do not oversell are rackspace and ourselves. To my knowledge rackspace offers a nice...
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    Get A Virtuozzo License for FREE

    During the next two months, WMS is giving away FREE Virtuozzo Licenses with their servers. If you are looking for a server that you can sell VPSs with, then WMS has the solution for you. Don't Pay Extra For A Virtuozzo License, Don't Pay A Setup Fee. In addition, you will receive the VZMC...
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    cPanel/WHM Reseller Hosting for $30 or less?

    You probally need to up your price. I would take a look at hostgator.com, I believe they will be able to help you better than most people on this Forum. Our company would be willing to help, but we are not located in the planet datacenter and our highest reseller is only 6GB of diskspace.
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    Brand New Dell Server

    WebMedia Specialties is selling the following servers: SC1425 3.0 GHz/2MB Cache, Xeon 800MHz Front Side Bus 1GB DDR2 400MHz (2X512MB) Single Ranked DIMMs Primary 40GB Hard Drive Seconday 80GB Hard Drive Preloaded with Redhat Enterprise 3.0, No Discs CDRW/DVD Internal 3 Year Next Business...
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    Need linux dedicated server, budget: $120 monthly

    Sorry for the error on the website url. To directly get to the customization of a server, you may go to http://webmediaspecialties.com/ds.htm. Currently this is the best we can offer, sorry no memory upgrade. In hosting terms today, the bandwidth you recieve on the server is about 1,000 GB of...
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    Control Pannel

    PHP-nuke will probally be your only easy way of doing a secure area. In PHP, try creating the control panel with session function: Session_start, Session_register, Session_close Questions?
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    Sending multiple mails

    The functions that you need to take a look at are the mail() and while()functions. Questions?
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    Need linux dedicated server, budget: $120 monthly

    Do you have any specs? just a good linux server? You can visit our website at http://webmediaspecialties.com to customize your own server, but I have listed a server below that meets your budget, Intel® Xeon™ processor, 3.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 800MHz FSB 512MB, DDR2, 400MHz, 2X256, Single Ranked...
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    servers, how to start a hosting company

    I have to agree with Daniel, the hosting buiness will be hard to get into, especially since alot of companies are established already. You might think it might benefit you, but the truth is there is too much competition.
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    Dedicated server

    Currently, WMS is offering discounts on our servers. Below are the Server details: Intel® Xeon™ processor, 3.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 800MHz FSB 512MB, DDR2, 400MHz, 2X256, Single Ranked DIMMs 40GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive No firewall 20 DGB of Data Transfer (200GB total) / *Can upgrade to 500GB...
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    cPanel account creator

    You should be able to use the accounting function. The accounting function works good. Cpanel has a layout of it on their site. If you need a description or even one, just pm me or I can post it here. You need to declare your variables and then use <? require...
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    dedicated request

    Austin316, We see that you have a limit on the amount you want to spend. Although it is above your budget, you can customize a server on our website. WMS recommends the following though: Intel® Xeon™ processor, 3.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 800MHz FSB 512MB, DDR2, 400MHz, 2X256, Single Ranked DIMMs...
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    looking for VPS

    It is a 6.2GB ATA hard drive that was described above.