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    thewebmasterguy.com for sale

    if anyone's interested, I have this domain for sale. TheWebmasterGuy.com . it would make a great start or addon to a hosting company or development company. make an offer
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    new site layout needed - $50 offer

    I'm looking for someone to do a new layout for my hosting site. I would like a few different people to try making what I'm looking for, then the layout I decide to use I will pay $50 cash for it. here's my logo done by a professional tv commercial editor who's a friend of mine. a little too...
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    server needed by monday night

    I'm looking for a server in the nac datacenter. pentium 4 or athlon, 2.6ghz or higher. 100mb/s ethernet, 800gb bandwidth or more, 120gb or 160gb drive, centos, cpanel, and fantastico included in price. please no offers over $200 a month. please also post if your company owns the servers you...
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    what should I charge for ad space?

    I run a site that gets 16,000 visitors and 100,000 page views a month. someone emailed me asking about buying ad space on the site. about how much a month would be a good price to charge?
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    bgfweb support forum down?

    I haven't been able to get on the support forum for bgfweb for the past 2 days. it's like my browser can't connect to the ip for the server, but it's hosted on the same server as bgfweb.com because it has the same ip. they just moved the ben server last night, the server I'm on. all my sites...
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    paypal overdraft policy?

    what is paypal's policy on overdraft's made by automatic payments? I hate automatic payments, but some hosts require them.. I've had problems with automatic payments made on checking cards, so I've switched to using paypal for this. will paypal just deny the automatic request for payment, or...
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    using my domain for spam

    I hear this problem happening a lot. the scum of the internet using domains from businesses to send out spam. I get about 15 emails a day from postmaster@somedomain.com saying emails sent from random addresses like mspkvjui@mattsoft.net couldn't be delivered. they're advertising stock investment...
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    AOL disconnects MSN Messenger users!

    http://www.wired.com/news/print/0%2C1294%2C21148%2C00.html anyone having trouble with msn disconnecting on you? it just started for me today, so I did a little research on it. a friend of mine was having the same problem, but said it turned out to be a virus. I have 2 virus scanners scanning...
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    ecommerce hosting?

    what is ecommerce hosting? what's the difference from that and standard shared hosting, besides having ssl?
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    php - file owners with safemode enabled/disabled

    I'm writing an installer script for a project I'm doing. I have the compiler and everything done, but I ran into a wall face first.. I noticed that with safemode enabled, newly created files have the same owner as php which is my username, but with it disabled, the new files still have the same...
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    cheap datacenter in eastern pennsylvania

    how can I find a cheap co-locating datacenter in eastern pennsylvania?
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    looking for 3gb space and 40gb b/w cheap

    I'm looking for a host that can offer me 3gb space and 40gb bandwidth for an electronics schematics site. I'd like to pay $5 or less a month, and I can offer to share the ad space on the archive pages of http://schematicsforfree.mattsoft.net the site got almost 8000 uniqu visitors last month...
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    looking for 3gb space and 40gb bandwidth for electronics schematics site

    I'm looking for hosting for an electronics schematics site. the site used 25gb last month, and offers people a free resource to schematics with a bandwidth limiting script. if you'd like, I can offer free ad space on the site. I only need php, 1 mysql database, and ftp access. I need 2.5 to 3gb...
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    ad space for sale on electronics schematics site

    ad space for sale on http://www.schematicsforfree.mattsoft.net/archive/ . ad will be placed on every page of the archives, and will be viewed an average of 2500 times a day. there were 5688 uniqu visits to the site last month. that's a uniqu visitor every 7 minutes. make an offer, and please...
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    anyone used globaldc.com?

    has anyone used globaldc.com or have any information on them? where is their datacenter and how good is their colocation service?
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    site design with $2.45 hosting plan

    100mb space 2gb bandwidth unlimited email accounts, subdomains, addon domains, and mysql databases limited time special offer: custom site design for only $10 ($300 value) Portfolio email me at mattsoft@mattsoft.net for more information, or so sign up
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    custom design or free template?

    someone suggested I redesign my hosting site to look more like the others. where does everyone else get the design for their site, and what kind of design do you prefer?
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    how's my site? the signup form needs to be fixed, and needs some updates, but how is what I have? http://www.mattsoft.net
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    free hosting for gaming site

    I'm looking for a gaming site or a lan party site that is looking for free hosting. the site must already be finished and running for at least a month, and know your current bandwidth and web space requirements. if anyone's interested, let me know. I'm only accepting one site for free for right...
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    advertising - is this a good deal?

    this isn't about requesting or offering advertising, so I think this is the place to post. I'm doing some advertising for my hosting service. it's on an electronics schematics site. I'll be getting between 80,000 and 120,000 banner views a month for $15. how good of a deal is this?