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    Looking to buy host -$500

    I am looking to buy and already established hosting company. I have a $500 budget. Free hosts ok, either way needs to have at least a few customers. Thats about it. Thanks!
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    cheap reseller

    I just wanted to see whats out there. I would like to see what kind of a reseller I could get for less than $5 a month. No real space requirements. Hopefully unlimited features, and of course whm/cpanel. Also private nameservers are a plus. Dont bother posting if its more than $5 as that is...
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    rate my site

    does anybody know of any open source or free scripts which have similar funtionality to hotornot or one of the other photo rating sites? thanks!
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    layout help

    I am wokring on a mew layout using tables. what i would like is a navigation bar at the left, and two cells above a content block. however, when the html is made the two cells above the content stretch down too far. what i want is for the content to have 100% height. i know that may be...
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    proxy hosting

    I was wondering if someone would be generous enough to allow me to host a proxy site on their server. In return, you would be allowed to have any number of 468x60 banners on the home page. I own a TLD (.com) that I would like to use for the site. I offer this as more of a charity site, so I...
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    free control panel

    this is pretty simple...are there any free web hosting control panels similar to cpanel? i already know of zpanel, but i didnt know if there were others. thanks!
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    liquid design

    i've heard a lot about the positives of "liquid" web design, but I cant sem to find a hosting or design company that uses one. Do you know of any?
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    interesting reseller needed

    okay, i was thinking of starting a web hosting company and had a somewhat unique idea for a host. i was wondering if a host could offer me: the ability to upgrade my account on a need basis --start with something very small like 500mb/10gb for the first month and be able to add more space...
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    free promotion for bands

    Slacker Mag., the online community for underground music, offers users special features. Underground Sounds: Our music archive system. Submit your songs for free promotion. We'll even host them. Users can rank and comment on songs to give you feedback. News: We regularly post industry...
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    underground music redesign

    Hey! I just finished redesigning and branding my site. Let me know what you think. And while you're there you may want to check out all the good music that's out there. Have a party - http://www.slackermag.com
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    let me know what you think - http://www.montoville.com/
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    too good?

    is this too good to be true? site link
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    free file host

    does anybody know of a site that would allow users to upload mp3's to a server and allow them to hotlink them? they are not illegal mp3's.
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    quick question

    i was just wondering if youre allowed to have another ad service on the same page as google ads, i read through there policy and found nothing against it, but i hear somewhere that your not supposed to do it.
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    underground music

    check out my site: http://www.slackermag.com/ let me know what you think! :biggrin2:
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    smart people

    read this - http://www.aversion.com/news/news_article.cfm?news_id=4701 Fireman Fined for Watering Lawn with Engine
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    new site

    let me know what you think of my new site on local music in my area... http://www.slackermag.com Thanks!
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    legal question

    if i were to take an open source cms such as mambo, xoops, phpnuke ect. and make a mod for it, would it be legal to sell the cms with the mod integrated? kind of like the way fedora/suse make linux distros with only part of the software being theirs.
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    touchy subject- glcaketops.com

    i know this site may be against your beliefs, but i was wondering if you could just rate its as the design itself - http://www.glcaketops.com/ its a brochure site to sell gay and lesbian wedding/commitment ceremony cake toppers. i did it a little while ago for a client.
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    blogging site

    i designed a new blog hosting site. http://www.montoville.com Could you tell me what you think of the design? sign up if you'd like as well. all comments are appreciated. :biggrin2: thanks!