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  1. leetcrew

    looking for someone who will host my personal and our church's website

    Request free webhosting Requesting for 2 separate hosting account, 1 for our church, and the another one is for my personal webpage. Which features do you need? cpanel, php, mysql, 2gb space - Do you need any other features? addon domains, subdomains, custom mx, mod_rewrite - Do you accept...
  2. leetcrew

    Command Line E-mail client

    hello there, i am looking for an e-mail client that will run on MS-DOS. My main purpose is for me to access my e-mail via telnet. My server runs in win2k3. Thanks. - leetkrew
  3. leetcrew

    PPoE dialler (maximum connection attempt)

    I have a server and it must be connected to the internet 24/7. If my ISP had a trouble, the server reconnects until the connection has been established. Now, my problem is, the server stops reconnecting if the limit of 99 attempts has been reached. How do i disable or remove the maximum...
  4. leetcrew

    Webhost Bandwith Test

    where can i found a free webhost bandwith test? I found one before but i can't find it now. I really need to know the speed of my server. Thanks :)
  5. leetcrew

    can you access this site?

    can you access this site? http://www.gamesite-cafe.net/ if so, please post a few paragraphs from that site. I just configured this server but i'm not sure if its already visible on the internet. Thank you
  6. leetcrew

    help... help... configure NS server

    hello there, i really need your help guys. It seems like my domain is not visible on the internet and this domain name is visible only with my LAN. my brain is going to explode now. I can't fix it. domain name registry: here's the sceenshot of my DNS server running on win2k3...
  7. leetcrew

    My computer hangs on some games

    My computer freezes on some games especially GTA vice city. What suppose to be the problem? Are there any conflicts with regards with my hardware? Windows 98 SE OEM AMD Athlon XP 2000+ OEM Inno 3d GE Force 4 MX 5200 WD 40 GB HDD 7200 RPM (50:50 partition) 256MB DDR ECS N2U400 Main Board...
  8. leetcrew

    Forcing windows to use 1034x768

    hello there, how to force windows 98 to use 1024x768 everytime my computer loads up? Please help. TY
  9. leetcrew

    looking for freeware control panel

    iam looking for freeware control panel. Just like Cpanel & ensim. I want this control panel to manage my IIS server unlike Zpanel. Thanks server's specs
  10. leetcrew

    cPanel help

    how to add a new subdomain and point it to another name server? For example, i have a domain name called MYDOMAIN.COM and i want to point SERVER2.MYDOMAIN.COM to NS1.ANOTHERWEBHOST.COM / NS2.ANOTHERWEBHOST.COM. my site is running cPanel8
  11. leetcrew

    looking for windows NT host

    i am looking for a free webhost that will host my projects... thanks in advance! :) * windows NT (any version) * php / asp / mySQL (not mssql) * popups or ads on my pages or adfree hosting as long as its free
  12. leetcrew

    Any1 here can host my webpage?

    I really need a mirror site for my website http://www.rjfiles.uni.cc I do require the following: 1) mySQL database ( at least 1 database) 2) 50+ MB of space 3) Lots of Bandwidth 4) php4 5) apache server with .htaccess support 6) phpMyAdmin 7) FTP 8) control panel 9) No banner ads...
  13. leetcrew

    problem with my mail server...

    hello there, i got a problem on my smtp and pop server... my only problem is i can only send and recieve e-mails from LAN... Argosoft says: please help me to fix this problem thanks in advance!
  14. leetcrew


    what do you think?
  15. leetcrew

    looking for hosting with many pop3 accts...

    is there any hosting company (or someone here) who offers unlimitted (or greater than 50) pop3 e-mail accts? We only need at least 1 MB of web space... thanks in advance!
  16. leetcrew

    intro to php question (SESSION)

    intro to php here's the flow of my webpage... page5.php visitors are required to log before they can open page1.php to page5.php. Anyone pls do it for me... My purpose is just to study this code. :) thanks in advance
  17. leetcrew

    free not too big phpBB2.0.3 hosting

    phpBB 2.0.3 has been installed on http://forums.rjfiles.uni.cc/host1/index.php I will give the admin password for the first one who gave his or her e-mail address with name and any other conact information Notes: 1) It is your responsibility to backup your database regularly... ;)...
  18. leetcrew

    vBulletin 2.2.8 question

    are there any database converter from phpBB2.0.1 to vBulletin 2.2.8? I have a plan to have a converter before i buy vBulletin. Thank you!
  19. leetcrew

    AMD BIOS and HW configuration

    I got a problem. I have 1800+ Mhz processor. But my board only detects 1460 Mhz using default values. The FSB was set on 133Mhz. 139 x 13 = 1.8 Ghz. <- detected as 1.53 Ghz. 133 x (default) <- 1.46 Ghz 139 x default <- 1.53 Ghz (MSI board, jumperless)
  20. leetcrew

    looking for ads company

    please suggest any sponsors/company that pays in Philippines. Thanks (banner ads)