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  1. Cheap Bastard

    (Web)Comic Site

    http://comic.gamesphere.com/layout.htm I tried to go for a heavenly color scheme (always found light color schemes easier on my eyes). May develop a hellish color scheme later on as I expand the site and user options... ("i'll be back") NOTES: Everything above the top comic nav bar/tower ad...
  2. Cheap Bastard

    Blog review

    YouHaveChosen.Us Please note: there are 3 themes/layouts. If you scroll down, you'll see on the right 3 images (Good, Evil, Neutral). I welcome comments to any and all of the color schemes. All three themes have the *exact* same positioning (so really they're different color schemes, not...
  3. Cheap Bastard

    Paid Hosting Request

    <edit> i have chosen a host, thanks to all for your time </edit> Multiple (5 or more) Domains - 'real' domains, not redirects - support for .com and .us domains required subdomains (i guess 10 would do?) Monthly Transfer 10GB or more Space 500MB or more - Minimum, 1 or even 2GB would be...
  4. Cheap Bastard

    [CSS] glow fix?

    It's been a while since i found this gimmick --and a while since i worked on the site design at all-- so i don't know the intricacies anymore, but i do remember it took me a day to get it working... This is the code i'm using: A.nav:link,A.nav:visited,A.nav:active...
  5. Cheap Bastard

    MySQL: 2000+ returns, alphabetical sorting

    //Choose a game from the list of entered games $body.="<SELECT NAME=\"gametitle\" SIZE=20>"; $sql = "SELECT gametitle FROM cm0"; $result = @mysql_query("$sql",$dbconn); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){ $curgam=$row['gametitle']...
  6. Cheap Bastard

    Moving registrars?

    I'm trying to get one of my (few) domains at dotster.com to gkg.net. Now i've already requested the transfer at gkg.net, replied to their email claiming "yes i want the domain transfered here" and i've already given my payment info... How long is this supposed to take because i did all of...
  7. Cheap Bastard

    New Server

    I'm going to start running a server in a few months, so i'm trying to get some info... The server will be run on a P2 350 with 128mb ram and an 8Gb HD. It's a 'few' years old, but still good. From another thread i got the suggestion of using FreeBSD 4.5, so i downloaded the 4 ISO's and...
  8. Cheap Bastard

    PHP & Cookies ; MySQL & Passwords

    I guess this is a double question... PHP & Cookies: i've done a search and i found this page: http://www.spoono.com/tutorials/php/cookies/ it looks great, simple, and easy. But... It looks too simple. It just seems as if it's supposed to be harder. I mean, that can't be all... Or is it...
  9. Cheap Bastard

    forums not showing...

    http://www.phoenix0.com/zf/index.php right now it's all just in one page. I'll get it to work with a whole lotta 'include "...";'s later but for now it's in one file (although even if i do use includes it won't be visible to you...) anyway, here's (pretty much) the code. I left some things...
  10. Cheap Bastard

    1 vs. several files for a script (PHP)

    is it better (for execution, not programming) to get everything into one file (say index.php) or into several files (say index.php, authorize.php, config.php, admin.php, track.php, submit.php,...)
  11. Cheap Bastard

    Verticals for small-traffic sites?

    I recently tried on the vertical banner from targetwords and (although no clicks were tracked for an entire week - which is why it's not there now) i really liked it. I was wondering if there are other sources of vertical banners? Any size would work, but preferably with a width less than...
  12. Cheap Bastard

    Substitute for 'die ()' in PHP?

    $dbconn = @mysql_connect($host,$dbuser,$dbpass) or die("Couldn't select database"); $db = @mysql_select_db($dbname,$dbconn) or die("Couldn't select database"); That's just a basic MySQL connect to database thingie. Works just fine, and does what it's supposed to. However, the problem is...
  13. Cheap Bastard

    low traffic, but i don't mind

    i need an advertiser (just one). Actually, i don't need one but it'd be nice to make at least some money when i'm spending $120 a year on hosting. traffic stats on the index page (and the index page only) Total Visitors: 75,414 Visitors: Views: Daily Average 54.1...
  14. Cheap Bastard

    $HTTP_REFERER and visits by Favorites/Home links

    Okay, i've got a simple counter script going. Just got the referral stats working, but i'm getting a very small amount of data since most visits are by links in the Favorites or by browsers that have it set as the homepage (that and i have low traffic, but i'm talking percentage-wise). So...
  15. Cheap Bastard

    PHP - MySQL referral counter not working

    Table: (year month) | simply splits the two fields of the table. YYYYMM | 0 refcnt | ref_url refcntref2 | ref_url2 somehow all i get is 1 referral URL with a count of 1. The YYYYMM | 0 stays there unharmed. The YYYYMM is simply there to know...
  16. Cheap Bastard


    what could cause HTTP_REFERER to be empty? Also, what happens if it's about:blank, a bookmark, homepage, ...
  17. Cheap Bastard

    getting parts of a string

    how could i extract the Browser (+version#) and OS from $HTTP_USER_AGENT ? in PHP. thanks
  18. Cheap Bastard


    any comments? any comments whatsoever...
  19. Cheap Bastard

    what the... how's this work???

    Plan D: $180/LIFETIME! (+$60 per year thereafter) ( http://www.icdsoft.com/html/host-cost.html )
  20. Cheap Bastard

    some info on MySQL?

    is there a limit as to how many tables are present? also, what's a common sizelimit or is that set per host?