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  1. icontact

    Icontact-hosting.com GONE ?

    Hi guys, I know this is a little late in terms of an explanation but I thought I might shed some light on the situation regarding the status of icontact-hosting. I can confirm that iContact-Hosting has terminated most of the free hosting accounts due to a decision to focus on the small...
  2. icontact

    10gb/50gb, europe base shared hosting, 6USD (if possible an IP)

    the OP has already mentioned that he has found a host. it's right above yours if you care to read it.
  3. icontact

    512 RAM - UK Based VPS - 20GB/600GB/2 Ip's Cpanel/DA included $39.95

    Hello All, To start the new year we are offering a limited number of UK Based VPS with the following features. These servers are semi-managed, we will install control panels, Apache, MySql, and PHP. 512MB RAM Guaranteed OpenVZ based VPS 20GB HDD 600GB Transfers a month cPanel/WHM or...
  4. icontact

    10gb/50gb, europe base shared hosting, 6USD (if possible an IP)

    If you can raise your budget to $10USD I can offer you a UK based hosting with 1 IP address included.
  5. icontact

    No Ads + No Forum Posting | 200mb/5000MB/cPanel | Free on Opteron Servers

    No Ads + No Forum Posting 200mb/5GB space & bandwidth Free on Opteron Servers Are you a talented web designer? Designed the website yourself from the ground up that looks unique, coding that is polished and validated? Need a web host that will display your work of creativity and hours...
  6. icontact

    WebHostGear accepting new advertisers

    Cant access your site at the moment. Pingable though, not sure what's happening. I'll try again later.
  7. icontact

    Best Free Web Host?

    this is your own host I suppose?
  8. icontact

    ahplace.com down again~

    ahplace.com is probably hosting 10 times as many websites as we do and I would have to say that they are probably running out of resources or a hosting account is causing the server issues. hopefully they will get it sorted out shortly.
  9. icontact

    Reliable ad free host recommendations please

    Thats cool no harm done. :wave:
  10. icontact

    Reliable ad free host recommendations please

    What do you find amusing with what I said?
  11. icontact

    Give me your thoughts about this computer

    thats a bit of a change from your original specs you posted above. I'm guessing you have more money than you thought.
  12. icontact

    Link exahnge

    We have a P4 ranking and I would be interested in exchanging links with you. PM me for details where to submit your link
  13. icontact

    Shell Access

    There is one simple answer and that is "NO"
  14. icontact

    Best SSH Client

    Putty for Life!
  15. icontact

    Reliable ad free host recommendations please

    They cant please everybody. I'm sure they have their own reasons why the TOS is restrictive, they are just looking after their own and their clients best interest.
  16. icontact

    [2interactive.Net] - Expressions of Interest

    Hello All, I was a little unsure of where to post this, I considered Ads & offers but it doesnt exactly fall into that category. Like the title suggests, I'm looking for expressions of interests towards this new venture that I personally wish to undertake. 2interactive.Net is an arm of...
  17. icontact

    No Ads + No Forum Posting | 200mb/5000MB/cPanel | Free on Opteron Servers

    Thank you for you application, an email has been sent to you with your account details. ------ To the potential hosting applicants, please make sure that you read the criterias that we have set in this offer and you do meet these requirements, we have been receiving a number of...
  18. icontact

    Message Board Download

    It has been suggested once before in this thread and I thought I would just endorse it myself. I like XMB which I have previously used before and I'm sure it has come a long way since then.
  19. icontact

    Free Hosting For New Webmaster

    You might be interested in our offer. We have read your requirements and are confident we can meet those needs. Please review our current offer if you havent already secured a new host. Free Hosting Offer
  20. icontact

    No Ads + No Forum Posting | 200mb/5000MB/cPanel | Free on Opteron Servers

    Only if it meets the above criterias. I guess you could say we are aiming to be an exclusive free hosting provider hence the strict conditions.