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    Help finding password script

    I am unable to login
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    Proxy Script?

    Does it require PHP or is HTML fine?
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    Some Javascript help (PHP generates)

    Hello there, Please tell us what's happening when the script runs.
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    Help finding password script

    cyberkit.com? cyberkit.net? cyberkit.org?
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    Help finding password script

    Does your server support PHP?
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    cgi peal help

    At least we found out why it doesn't work... the page has been removed ;)
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    Need GFx designers

    Hello there, Is this paid or free work if I may ask?
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    cheap hosting?

    What kind of site are you going to host that needs all that space?
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    cgi peal help

    I get a http 404 error
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    ne help look here for deatils

    Add a new field to the user table called verified and make it a SMALLINT. Or use rand to create a random number and add a string and add it to a field called authcode. Use the mail function to send an email: mail($email,$_GET['name']; - Account",$_GET['name']...
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    You can try running a PHP server on your own PC, but it's recommended you upload it remotely. Ask these forums for a free or paid webhost with PHP support.
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    Help finding password script

    Yes, that will help
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    Help finding password script

    http://ihatebess.netfreehost.com/ seems to be the forum URL It seems to be hosted on another place, so there's nothing we can do to help him as of now I think
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    Bandwidth Limit

    Although I have no experience with it, I think mod_bandwidth may be an option. "Mod_bandwidth" (mod bandwidth) is a module for the Apache webserver that enable the setting of server-wide or per connection bandwidth limits, based on the directory, size of files and remote IP/domain. To...
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    Help finding password script

    Contact me directly, and I'm sure we can work something out
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    PHP Help

    You're welcome! If you ever need PHP help again, feel free to contact me directly :)
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    PHP Help

    This is a working example. bannnnwwe.jpg is here the full filename with the extension, and will print out ban and 3 random numbers, and .jpg in this case. I have tested it, and it works. $name = "bannnnwwe.jpg"; $number2 = substr($name, 0, 4) .rand(0,1000) .substr($name,-4,4)...
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    copy to clipboard

    I have not tested this, so I can't guarantee it will work, but here is some code I found: <script type="text/javascript"> function CopyToClipboard() { document.Form1.txtArea.focus(); document.Form1.txtArea.select(); CopiedTxt = document.selection.createRange()...
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    i am looking for a person who is good at mysql

    You're welcome. Everyone can make mistakes :)
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    PHP developer needs a small site with PHP5 support

    Could you define those "lame rules" for me please?