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    Free Shared Hosting Accounts For Non-Profit Organizations!

    iHost Worx Solutions Group, A leader in technology and web hosting services is proud to announce or free web hosting services for Non-Profit organizations. As a part of our commitment to give back the the communities we serve, we would like to provide the very people that are in the trenches...
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    Marketing Campaigns

    My partner and i have been discussing various marketing techniques to promote our hosting services, in the past we have deployed both telephone and email campaigns. We had far more success in gaining new clients within our telemarketing campaigns and fairly mixed results with our email campaign...
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    MRTG Graphs In WHMCS

    Just as the title says..im curious to know if anyone has been successful at integrating mrtg graphs into their whmcs installation. Or is it even possible to do with it being encoded as well..just curious to know if anyone has actually got it to work..thanks in advance
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    Cheap HDMI Cabling

    I recently picked up a new LCD tv and im currently using YPrPb to connect my cable box to the tv but i know HDMI is superior performance and quality. However when i looked around for one the prices just stunned me 85 bucks here at the local Best Buy for the monster cables. I dont have a...
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    XSIS HOSTING Server Issues and Outages

    Dear Valuable XSIS HOSTING Customers, This month has been with out a doubt our roughest month since our launch. We have faced DNS (Bind) configuration issues as well as well as SPAMMERS, RAM replacement. And as of late kernel panics. We have successfully repaired the dns issues on the server...
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    PM Box Quota

    Hiya admins and mods..i just noticed that it says my pm box is full, before i thought the number was higher than the 100 max that its set at..is this a new policy? Or did something go goofy when i changed my email address? EDIT Just noticed my avatar is gone to lol
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    A whole lot of Kalamari :D

    CANBERRA (Reuters) - One of the largest giant squid ever found has washed up on a remote Australian beach, sparking a race against time by scientists to examine the rarely seen deep-ocean creature. ADVERTISEMENT The squid, the mantle or main body of which measured two-meters (6.5 feet) long...
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    Keep site backup during downtime?

    Ok this post is inspired by cabron who was looking to get backup space..i to for quite sometime have been looking for this sort of solution. However instead of it being all of my clients i would like to just have my site available for customers during downtime etc so that we may stil accept...
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    Spam Prevention (Besides Script Break)

    Hi guys, just wondering how different hosts keep the spammers at bay. We have tried everything short of doing script breaks to disallow mail sent via php. What do you all do to prevent this type of abuse? Im seriously considering just removing the phpmail function..whats your opinions on this?
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    Happy 4th Of July!! (Americans)

    Just a quick note to say happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans, don't drink to much, have fun and be safe :beer: :evilb:
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    XSISHOST.com Discount Quality Shared Hosting Just $3.74 / Month

    XSISHOST.com "Buy, Upload, Done" Looking for quality, low-cost, high performance hosting packages? Look no further! XSIS HOSTING is proud to announce or latest promotional package for both new and existing clients. Sign up or upgrade your hosting package with us and enjoy a 25% discount on...
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    Need your Opinion on Dispute with existhosting.com

    Hello guys i really need some feedback from you on this issue. ------------.com is the firm im having a issue with. Ok ill try to explain as coherently as possible. Ok i ordered a server from these guys to start out with using my paypal account. For my second mont of service with this...
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    Accepting 10 FREE HOSTING Clients

    Hello XSIS Hosting has a few openings for free hosting. We currently only have 10 of these accounts available. Everything thats included is listed here. FREE HOSTING PACKAGE 1 GB WebHosting Space 10 GB Monthly Data Transfer 10 MySQL 5 Databases 10 POP 3 Email Accounts 10 FTP Accounts 10...
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    Appauling Member Behavior

    Ok there is a issue that concerns me deeply about this forum. I havent been around for very long but for the short tenure that i have been here one issue that i see remains a constant. From my understanding FWS is suppose to be a place where all can visit exchange their knowledge and ideas as...
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    SQL Error when searching post from profile.

    Hi guys not sure if you are aware of this or not but i thought i would say something just in case you all havent caught it. When i navigate to a users profile (tried a few) and you click on the link to find all post or post started i recieve a error. Is anyone else seeing this error?
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    Customer Appreciation Days Are Here!

    XSIS Hosting is proud to annouce Customer Appreciation Days! Here at XSIS Hosting we appreciate all of our clients that has made it possible for us to be the company that we are today. We have designed a customer promotion that will give you a discount of 50% on all Shared Hosting services...
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    Need a Decent Web Designer For Hire

    Hi guys im looking for a decent web designer for a project for a client. This will be a website for a dj should have some flash animation. Just send me example of your work we can discuss price range etc on a case by case basis.Or if anyone has any templates on the fly let me know.. Regards...
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    Sharp unveils 108 inch LCD and CES

    Ok this thing is a monster..i would love to have one if i could afford it..heres a pic of this monster here: If you had the funds would you spring for one? Just curious to see how many tv fanatics we have lurking around these parts...
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    Xtreme Solutions Xtreme Starter Blowout!!

    Xtreme Solutions Is Proud to accounce our Xtreme Economy Plan (US) Disk Space 100GB Bandwidth 1000GB MySQL 5 / Unlimited PostgreSQL/ Unlimited PHP 5 Domains Unlimited Sub-domains unlimited Email Unlimited Control Panel cPanel Fantistico Included Hotlink Protection YES IP Deny...
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    Looking For High Servers for Purchase

    Hello all we are looking at purchasing a high end server to purchase. Now when i say high end i mean data center specs. I am looking for a IBM xseries 346 and the best deal IBM has to offer directly is 1,925.00 but i was wondering if anyone knew of any wholesalers or anywhere where i could...