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  1. J

    Getting something random out of mysql ?

    I'm trying to grab a random article out of a mysql database, and the article must match certain search criteria (ie. not be older than 7 days and match a lookup number 1,2 or 3 which tells if the article is to be a main article, sub or just the title has to be displayed)... I need to know if...
  2. J

    Advertisers for non-english websites

    I'm looking for banner ads that work with sites that don't provide english content. I'm starting a site in dutch which should be able to pull at least 2500 unique visits/day.
  3. J

    Filtering out HTML using PHP ?

    I'm writing a newsarticle script for my site, and I want to receive articles from users, but I don't want them to use html. Does anyone know of a way to take the input from a form and then filter out the html ?
  4. J


    Has anyone had any expierence with http://www.liquidweb.com/ I came across them and they look fast and offer great services, but then I look at the price tag and it all just seems a little low to be true (24.95$ for 500mb space and 30gb traffic)
  5. J

    storing info in mysql database

    This will probably sound stupid, but I'm trying to save some text in a mysql database. But when I retrieve it, the text shows up again, but no longer in paragraphs... Anyone know how to do this ? (using PHP4, mySQL)
  6. J

    Does this make me an addict ?

    I hit the 100 post level :)
  7. J

    to peo: small board problem

    For some reason every now and then when I make a post, I am stuck at the confirmation page, it doesn't refresh the way it should...
  8. J

    PHP Link index

    Does anyone know of a *good* PHP link directory script that Works Doesn't use crappy templates Allows you to set the mysql table it should use Takes user comments I tried about all that are listed on the hotscripts site, and none of them do what I want them to do. The reason I...
  9. J

    to cds

    Is there a thread in which you haven't posted yet ? <g> You're on this board a month or something and posted probably 190 messages by the time I finish this one... one might ask if you have a life beyond this board :)
  10. J

    burst.net problems

    I'm having a problem with my burst.net hosted site. It seems the server is completely misconfigured as none of my pages work anymore... At first I thought it were only the php pages and notified the problem to the burst.net techies... they replied: "We will be upgrading to php4 the...