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    e-cards photos free

    Hi to everyone, I need some pictures to provide as e-cards. Do you know any place I can get nice photos and which will be legal to use on my site (it's a commercial use I think). Thank you.
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    FREE cridi card processing???

    I've never heard of one free. The best way to get a near to free service is to contact your bank. Often banks provide all the necessary tools for online trnsactions (even they'll give you the shopping cart script) or then you can get some kind of real merchant account. But I don't believe that...
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    Great stuff..

    I have the impression that ISPs never here the single customer. If the problem is general in your area, then they'll try to fix it soon. If you're the only one that has the problem, then usually starts the long wait (or short wait if god helps). And I hate all those stupid , uninformed persons...
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    I would be "happy" if I was you. A site with 100gb traffic. WOW! unless it's traffic from downloads. Get your dedicated fast. If you don't have much $ to spend get a cheap Raq4 or 3 , at least to resolve the emergency and bring the site up soon. Later, you check with calm for a better dedicated...
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    [Merged] cyberwings

    I've read that too, somewhere...don't remember where. But, hey, isn't Saturday yet for Cyberwings...for me Saturday is almost gone. But anyway...maybe I've read wrong...maybe it wasn't for this Saturday.
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    which board is easiest to edit/hack?

    Don't think phpbb's template system is the easiest! For sure though much more easy than other known free forums! vB is better.
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    Yahoo! is Dangerous When Operating Heavy Machinery

    Seems normal to me, as messengers are communication tools! So are applied the same laws like with mobile phones.
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    Redesigned Vereor Forums

    Your other works were much better.
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    Domain name in exchange for my services

    Promoting illegal methods of purchasing domains really sucks Cyber. I have the right to assume that it's about illegal or fraud since you didn't explain this to all of us. These trading methods don't think that are allowed in this forum.
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    leethosting.com??? Scam??

    I'm really surprised (oh no I shouldn't) how easily some people call 'scams' others work and companies! Also this type of 'open' investigations in forums about services and hosts really suck. It would be much more effective if you guys ask for opinions and not make statements waiting others to...
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    Are you Bad?

    Well, I didn't do it actually. But I was really close to cut her in pieces. A friend (girl) that had decided to make my life difficult. A bitch that I hope not to meat again because I'll explode...:devious2: Anyway, some months later of the fact I saw some nude pictures of her on porn...
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    Italian footballers are sore losers

    Maybe the MX should also post the thoughts that the Korean guy expressed about Italy before the game! And you must also understand that Perugia's president said : we won't take the guy again because he expressed his bad thoughts about Italy, although he should thank Italy & Perugia because made...
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    Why do hosts carge for mysql databases?

    Because it's a service offered!
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    wow i missed a lot!

    I missed a lot too!!! But that's ok , reading some old threads, will be a good updating! By the way, my official "addio" to the banned member!!!! And my sincere congratulations to the mods and admins!
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    Demographics > Where Are You From

    Maybe you wanted to say ....geographically Asian,but with western culture....western... not European. There's a difference there! And watching tv channels or listen the same kind of music doesn't make you European...makes you funs of the western world. :) Last word...and maybe off topic ...
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    Tyson - Lewis

    I was hoping to see the Tyson pig with more blood on his face. He would deserve it.
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    Demographics > Where Are You From

    If you consider yourself European then reply Europe, if you consider yourself asian then reply Asia. Hope Israelis don't say they're Europeans :D , or they should say North America, j/k :D
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    Best Board

    Yes, sure. So what?:D
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    Anyone have experience with the http://www.link-exchanges.com/ . If yes please ...give us some infos. By the way do you know what script use link-exchanges and V3exchange?