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    e-cards photos free

    Hi to everyone, I need some pictures to provide as e-cards. Do you know any place I can get nice photos and which will be legal to use on my site (it's a commercial use I think). Thank you.
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    Team in need of a host

    We need : 1500MB space, 25GB data transfer monthly. Cpanel package with all CP standard features (you know what I mean) . Our unique ip is also needed. Telnet not needed. Please make your offers or suggestions. notes : - we don't want a dedicated server, or VDS, or reseller's package...
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    Upload images--php---with safe mode on

    Hi! Is there a way to overpass the problem of not possibility to upload images through php when safe mode is on? I know that something can be done if you run the php script as a cgi, but is there any other way?
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    Need your help

    Hi, everyone, I need help to understand one thing! I've noticed in my site's statistics that I have everyday a visitor, that as referrer shows "PHP/4.0.6" . It's a bit strange as my site is new and I have practically no other visitors! But the ip of the person above (if he is a person) appears...
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    About banner exchages

    About banner exchanges What everyone should think when notes that the banner exchange program that partecipates, shows only banners of known advertisers? Shouldn't show banners of other simple member sites too?
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    Is it only me or...

    The last 3-4 days I have the seguent problem : I see myself costrained to refresh the page in order to see my new post, or others posts. I make an example : Let's say that I read a post in the General Discussions Forum, and then I click(not the browser's back button but the link) to return to...
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    php board

    Do you know any php board without need of mysql database?
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    Need someone to write a script (with payment)

    Well, I need a search engine script (php/mysql). Not a web search engine and not a site's search engine! Just a script to search the data I'll enter in the mysql! I need professional look, and a good administration area! It must also be customizable! Let me explain it more! I need an...
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    Help me choose

    I need a php/mysql forum. I have to set it up this week. OpenBB is closed, or whatever.... wbb (don't like it)..... don't want to go with phpbb2.... XMB : uknown when will be released. Are there any other good boards? What do you suggest?
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    Direct cd 5

    It happens really often Directcd 5 to destroy cds when I use it with my Yamaha 8x4x24 cd burner! Do you have any similar problems with directcd? (I use win98se and the cdburner is eide)
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    Really slow

    It's 15 minutes now that the FWS board goes really slow. Maybe it's me...ba, I don't think so. The rest of the internet loads fine for me. Addition : I'll get crazy. Just when I posted this (the previous 2 lines) the forum started going high speed. Seems I made the magic post. Sorry, but...
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    Cyberwings questions!

    Could someone explain how the mysql thing works with the Cyberwings host? They say : "mySQL Databases do NOT deduct from your hosting space. So essentially with every plan you are getting a "hosting space" amount and an additional amount SPECIFICALLY used for databases" . How much is then...
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    When the official release loses the meaning

    Well, phpbb2 rc3 is out and I realised that it's the first time that I see a software that waiting for the official final release has lost its sense. All rc versions of phpbb2 work fine, so final or not final, for the normal user, almost everything will be the same.
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    l33tca...the story goes on

    "We are gonna have to lower the Free Bandwidth Limit (FBL) until we get more paying users. It may be low now, but in a month's time the FBL could either increase or decrease depending on the ratio of paying users." Sorry, but this makes no sense....why I or anyone should become a paying user...
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    Well, I'm tired of this. The new version of PhpNuke has many bugs and many of them are simple to correct but others no. The problem is that the developer of the PhpNuke script, seems not to care about people having troubles using his software. It is now half month from the day that 5.5 was...
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    Just an information

    could someone tell me how many kilobytes the file vbulletin.style(of the vbulletin board) normally is? thanks
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    404 pages

    Well, today I get often 404 pages. I don't think that is my connection, as I visit another vB forum (with heavy traffic) and everything works fine. These errors remind me some errors that gives my openBB forum....without a reason.
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    IExplorer 6

    where I can download the full version of Iexplorer 6? I don't want to use the installer. I need to download the full setup file.
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    Well, I had heard many things about the various panels. Today after a year of cpanel use, I had the chance to try an Ensim panel in a friend's account. The feeling was terrible. That users staff, the emails thing, subdomains.....just a headache. Yes, cpanel has its bugs, but there isn't other...
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    Multiple icq numbers

    how can I have multiple icq numbers that will work all at the same time when I'm online? is this possible?