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  1. Kaliber

    sound problem

    Hi, I get the "no audio device" message when I go into sounds and audio devices control panel section. I do not appear to have any soundcard installed in the device manager, however i have run the install for the drivers and it says its installed. Is there anything I am doing wrong, I build...
  2. Kaliber

    Small scale free hosting, can it work?

    I am thinking of starting a new business venture, with the prime target to provide hosting for clients with established sites, in exchange for ads. Although this is not a new concept I believe it could be much more successful on a person to person level. There are a few key defining differences...
  3. Kaliber

    Television Programs

    What can you suggest for me to watch, I have a select few that I really like, those being: Scrubs, Entourage, American Dad, House and these days to a lesser extent seinfield and family guy. I don't watch TV (somewhat contradictory, but I have all my shows on my hdd), so I don't have much...
  4. Kaliber

    Free Student Hosting

    Hi, I am looking to have some space to put up my study notes and various other items, non profit small educational site So, heres what I need: ~>50mb ~>500mb bandwidth Reliability, from a host who has been around for a while Ad Free, I will link back though If possible PHP :) Cheers, any...
  5. Kaliber

    laptop expansion slots

    Hi, just bought a new laptop with an expansion slot. Just wondering if there is anything worthwhile putting in there, anything to boost performance? I am new at the laptop game Cheers, -k
  6. Kaliber

    Got my car

    I bought my S13 Silvia about a week ago and man, it kicks ---. I will get pics up soon. Haven't lost yet at the lights :p Anyone who lives in perth gets a free ride. I bring the chicks, you bring the booze. Muahahahaha
  7. Kaliber

    Picture thread

    I finally got a picture of me on a computer, so its time for CELEBRATION, and a new picture thread. I tried searching for the last one but it was like two years ago. I figured I didn't want all that "you dug up a two year old thread" bitching so here is the new one. Here is my...
  8. Kaliber

    Movie Hosting

    Hi, this is a request for hosting. Basicly me and a friend would like to host home made movies, pictures and the like. We would probably be needing around 100mb (at least) of space and around 2 gig transfer (less is ok though). These are ideal figures at this point in time. If the site does get...
  9. Kaliber

    You have that? Well I have this.

    I think this is lame, there have been a few threads recently where people have competed to sound better. For example, in the hard drive thread. It seems like a competition for who has the biggest hard drive. There are heaps of threads like this and let me just say to you all its not a...
  10. Kaliber

    IE Problem

    Hi, when ever I load IE the splash comes up and then it just freezes. When I ctrl-alt-delete it says not responding. Every time. I have tried rebooting. I am using netscape 3.0 now and cannot access my hotmail because of stupid uptight microsoft. Any help would be great.
  11. Kaliber

    Whats this song called?

    I am trying to find out the name of a song. It is being played on the radio all the time. It sounds like the Offspring. It has a happy feel to it and a good tune. I don't know if any of you have heard a band called jet but the song sounds a little like them aswell. If you could help me that...
  12. Kaliber

    My internet is screwed

    For some reason I can only visit fws in this session. If I try to go to any site apart from the freewebspace.net domain, it automatically says cannot find server. Without even looking. I am sure a reboot will clear it all up but this is some weird shit.
  13. Kaliber

    Music Resources

    I have been making some of my own music lately, in fruity loops (you may know it). However the default packs get a little boring, and I am looking for a few new sounds. I was wondering if you know of any good resources for this. I am not after loops. I am after drums in particular, I need a...
  14. Kaliber

    Big Day Out is gonna be huge

    Well, I don't know if you guys have heard of the big day out bit I am going and its gonna be huge. Here is some of the talent playing :) Metallica The Strokes The Hoodoo Gurus (Aus. Only) Muse The Dandy Warhols The Darkness The Flaming Lips Jet (Aus. Only) Magic Dirt (Aus...
  15. Kaliber

    Greatest Movies of all Time

    yes, blah blah. We probably have already had one of these threads however this is the new one. I have two favourites, both comedys. Firstly, Monty Pythons Life of Brian. I cannot begin to describe how great this film is, if you have not seen get it out. This is real pant-wetting stuff...
  16. Kaliber

    Steve Waugh, is no more

    hah, that rymes :) On a more serious note, any aussies here who have the faintest idea about cricket would know Steve Waugh retired the other day. Not only was this bloke one of the greatest, if not the greatest test captain we have ever had but he was a rolemodel for many many people. It...
  17. Kaliber

    Modem Problems

    I have had this problem for a while, I run on a 56k modem and whenever I get disconnected my computer freezez. It is getting very frustrating. Anyone have any idea which will help me to fix the problem? Thanks
  18. Kaliber

    Hosting needed - allows .zip

    I need hosting which allows .zip files up to about 500kb. If anyone can find something like this which reliable that would be great. Thanks, k
  19. Kaliber

    is Mahoro maya?

    Hi, ^^^ I haven't been around for a while..
  20. Kaliber

    Chemical and Biological Weapons Factorys Found

    Its all over the news here, can't say I didn't tell ya. Chemical and Biological weapons factory have been found in iraq (this is not an april fools day thread)