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  1. megapuzik

    Skilled PHP programmer available.

    Hello My name is Dima Dubin and this is my experience : 2 years experience in PHP programming. 1.5 years experience with SQL databases (mysql, mssql, pSQL and more...) 4 years experience in HTML/CSS all codes are standart(HTML/CSS will work on all of the browser's), easy to read with...
  2. megapuzik

    [b] [/b]

  3. megapuzik

    Please help my find a host

    Well, I will start saying that my $ is : 15 $ per month (maybe 20 $) and I cant prepaid for 3 months... I need FAST (the most important) UNIX (bsd or linux) host with FAST ftp access.... and the servers most be strong ! I need more then 15 gig of traffic, and at least 150 mg of space...
  4. megapuzik


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  5. megapuzik

    *stupied, I know* -> "disable" chache ?

    Hey. In my admin area, all the data is from SQL queries, so when I do changes, I always need to refresh the page..... How can I "disable" the chache in the page ? I know its some headers..... THANX :D
  6. megapuzik


  7. megapuzik

    Whats the duck story ??

    why everyone have a duck avatar ??
  8. megapuzik

    gif buttons to test links ??

    The forums is getting really really slow, I think that replacing the gif buttons to test links will be alot better for users like me. is there any chance ? thanx.
  9. megapuzik

    how to use ssh ??

    Hello. I need to develop a project in sourceforge.net and I need to upload my files in my dir's, the only way I can upload the files are in ssh... I tried to read the sourceforge docs, but they all sucks ! Where can I learn how to use it, im complete newbie to SSH and really want to start...
  10. megapuzik

    HAHA, how stupid ppl can be.....

    This is my new site layout + engine that based on NuKOF (phpnuke) and somara theme -> http://www.signup.co.il (hebrew). And this -> http://www.balagan-il.d2g.biz/ site, is some 12 years old kid. he is so stupid that he evan copy our meta-tags.....
  11. megapuzik

    Best reseller ? + Question

    Hey. I looking for a GOOD and kind of cheap reseller program, I looked at myacen - seems good, donhost -> 2 much $ Is there more ?? <-> Can I translate the control panel to Hebrew ?? THANX
  12. megapuzik

    CO - branded

    I just read the artical about co branded services, is there more sites that offer this service, THANX.
  13. megapuzik

    Best Avatar

    Hey. Whos avatar do you think is the best ?? (from the people here). :D :biggrin2:
  14. megapuzik

    ngate host

    Hey. can you one please explain me about this host : http://www.agate-nshost.com/ Someone told me that they resell some host the says "your user won know that your a reseller" or something like that. Can someone please give more info.... THANX
  15. megapuzik

    phpnuke addons & stuff !

    Hey. I looking for sites that have phpnuke addons , moudols and other stuff like that. I know all these : www.phpnuke.org www.phpnukerz.com www.nukescripts.com www.nuketest.com Do you know more ?? (evan sites with "small" stuff, cuz anyway I edit most of the scripts :D ) thanx.
  16. megapuzik

    What do you think about pop-ups ??

    Well, I got an advertsing offer in my site (I need money..) and the advertise is pop-up in every page... is it really that bad ?? I really need your opinion, THANX !!
  17. megapuzik

    speed of a host.....

    Hey. How can I check the speed of my host ?!? my site : www.signup.co.il host : www.webpoint.co.il Is it fast ?? 10x... (something with ping ??)
  18. megapuzik

    Baramama ???

    I dont get it (im new...) yupapa, then barapapa and now baramama (look in the server side forum) , wtf ??:confused:
  19. megapuzik

    150,000-200,000 pages views per mounth ??

    Is there any good ad program, (pey per click would be nice)...?? My site is in Hebrew and I live in Israel (thats mean that they have to send the check to IL). Well, maybe one of you ppl here want to advertise at my site ?? we have a banner crousel (live statics , full control of banner...
  20. megapuzik

    php + mysql activation on tripod.co.uk ??

    Hey... I need to activet the php and the mySQL on tripod.co.uk ?? cuz when I log to member area and try to active, there is an error something like this -> due the maintin this blablablabla..... do you have also this problem ?!? Im trying to install phpnuke. thanx:bandit2: