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    Anyone used this host before?

    Link Just want to ask if anyone has used this host before, since the price seems affordable... Any experiences on the quality of service, uptime etc? Thanks in advance. Baggio.
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    Could some1 give me a hand with signing up on metropoli?

    yeah, its that Spanish host I mean. Does any1 know if they accept sites in English? And to sign up, I found I had to fill in this form... does the comments bit have to be in Spanish too? And also, anyone had good/bad experiences with this fwp?
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    Everyone.net mail & mydns.com

    So, how does it work actually? I've set the sitemail to mail.everyone.net through mydns' auto setup option. Now what? How do I actually make it available for my visitors to get their own site mail accounts? Do I have to log-in somewhere on everyone.net to get some log-in script to copy...
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    Where can I....

    register one of those .com.kg domains that loads of ppl seem to have? Thanx in advance. ;)
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    f2s prob...

    hey, anyone else had problems with ftp-ing files onto the f2s servers lately? I just opened an account last week and installed an iB on it, for the past 3 days, I have been getting this prob with ftp: First yes, I do manage to log on, but heck slower than my other account. When I attempt...
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    Gimme a suggestion!

    ok, I wanna get myself a good messageboard, and want to find a stable host for it. It has to either b a phpBB or an iB, so any suggestions for hosts then?
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    A question about Tripod...

    Any1 know what the max file size allowed is? btw, I honestly haven't used them b4, cuz I used nbci, but are their servers stable and fast with ftp?
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    Help some1 new with CGI

    Hi ppl, This si the first time I'm trying to use CGI, I'd just like to know if there is any place that provides free cgi scripts that I can copy and use. What I'm after is a download counter, that tracks the number of times a link is clicked, and to have that number displayed on...
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    4office.net to close hosting services

    Just another one of the free hosts that I found recently, I had just opened an account there for 2 weeks, and now they tell me they're closing down. :( So, how many does that make the tally of recently closed hosts?
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    Major Design Prob!

    Hey ppl, I'v got a major deisgn prob with the template of my new prototype. I'm using tables throughout this template, all was fine until I reached almost the ned of the page. Strangely, now I get this wierd line separating the embedded table from the rest of the major table...