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  1. szr

    ESZ Hosting

    Please delete this post.
  2. szr

    Paid Hosting Search

    It doesn't work :cry2:!
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    delete test

  4. szr

    Censor link tests

    http://www.asdfasfasfdsasefsafdfadsfdasffasfdasfasdfasdfdasfdsf.com/ http://www.sadfdasfdasfasdfdasfdasfsdfasdfasdfasdfasfdsafsfasff.net/ http://www.sadfdsafdasfsdafsdafseafdsfasfsafdsafsfasfasfasdfsdf.org/ http://www.rackshack.net/ http://www.mydomain.com/...
  5. szr

    Help Me Find a Host, Please ;)

    Looking for a new paid host I'm looking for a new hosting company because ION Hosting doesn't support Telnet or SSH on Value/Business Hosting Plans, but they do on Corporate Hosting Plans and I don't want to pay $39.95/mo just to get Telnet or SSH access. ION Hosting would be a lot better if...
  6. szr

    Deletion Test

    Testing deletion. Please do not reply if this is still here-o.
  7. szr


    I'm offering webhosting for $5.00/mo with no setup fees & a 30-day money back guarantee for all of these great features: Directory hosting (http://www.sayunz.com/~username) or Domain Hosting (http://www.yourdomain.ext/) 50 MB's of space 2 GB's of bandwidth 2 POP3 E-mails...
  8. szr

    Turning music on and off

    Does anybody know the old code of maxpages on and off buttons for the background music using two input buttons (Start & Stop input buttons)? I forgot the code :(. If you don't then do you know the HTML Code to stop the music using an Stop button and to start up the music using an Start button?
  9. szr

    SayunZ.com - Legend of the Super Saiyan - Welcome

    Check out my new 99.999% completed layout by clicking on the www image link under my sig. Rate it between a scale of 1-10. I'm soon going to put up information about DBZ and a lot more too! So, bookmark my site, please ;).
  10. szr

    Replacement Domain Host

    I'm looking for a replacement domain host for netdothost.com besides clawz.com. Does anybody know of a domain host that is exactly like netdothost.com?
  11. szr

    New Layout of SayunZ DOTCom, check it out!!

    Click on the www image link to get to my site. Tell me what you think and place all your comments into my guestbook. If it needs a change, then tell me (in the guestbook). Requirements- Browser Size: Full Screen Browser Type: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (no betas) Computer Software...
  12. szr

    Looking for a PHP Chat Script that has...

    I'm looking for a PHP Chat Script that has the following features: Banning IP's (for admin) Commands for everyone (/me and /etc), but the admin has master commands (/me, /ban, /etc) Smilies (for everyone) Multiple Chat Rooms Tracks all messages into a text file No java/flash PHP Chat...
  13. szr

    24/7 Support on Free Domain Hosts

    I would love to have a 24/7 Support on free domain hosts, like this forum :D! I'd get questions answered fast :rolleyes:.
  14. szr

    The best free host is...

    NetDotHosting :biggrin2:!!!
  15. szr

    I need a free drive space that...

    Anyone know of a web site that offers drive space (e.g. www.xdrive.com or similar to it) for images and can it be show using a URL (The image that was uploaded was bar.jpg, URL is http://www.freedrivespacehost.com/szr/bar.jpg.)?
  16. szr

    I need a free domain host that...

    I want a free domain host that offers the following features: CGI Perl SSI PHP MySQL .htaccess .htpasswd SendMail Module web-based e-mail (not forwarding e-mail) FTP Account 20-60 MB's 2 GB/Unlimited Bandwidth a month Pop-Under Allows Paid Advertisements Allows Hot-Linking...