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    A friend of mine tells me he uses this formail script # FormMail Version 1.6 # # Copyright 1995-1997 Matt Wright mattw@worldwidemart.com # # Created 06/09/95 Last Modified 05/02/97...
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    Is it possible to know if somebody has put a snap (snapname, snapback, namewinner, whatever) on a given domain name (about to expire, apparently not yet renewed) ?
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    a call to cybersquatters!

    NYC SF Washington Houston candidates for 2012 Olympics Not yet registered (at least as of July 11th) nycolympics.org sfolympics .net .org .info sanfranciscoolympics .net .org .info (maybe too unwieldy...) sf2012.info sanfrancisco2012.info washingtonolympics .net .org .info...
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    question about alternate TLDs

    What are exactly Atlantic Root and Pacific Root and Open Root Server Confederation ? Are they like new.net ? They seem to be bigger though. Well they claim to run tons of alternate TLDs. How much internet traffic do they represent ? And how about the duplicate .biz TLD (see this) ? If some ISP...
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    hooray for Europe!

    Finally the EURO is almost back at parity with the USD (1 EUR=0.993 USD right now) for the 1st time since early 2000 ! Domain registration (in USD) and hosting in USA are getting cheaper !
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    Audiogalaxy going the way of Napster

    Audiogalaxy Settles US Music Piracy Lawsuit From The Wall Street Journal NEW YORK -- Audiogalaxy Inc., a music Web site, settled...
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    seen on deleteddomains

    1311 3-letter .com domains just deleted (newest deletions) today. Make your pick !
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    *.*.kg domains

    are your *.*.kg domains still working ? apparently they've stopped resolving (well those not renewed at least) although they're still in the kg whois db. btw who did pay to renew his/her domain at kg ? looks like the guy who runs the portland co-brand united.com.kg did not even bother...
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    question for Webdude re rackshack

    Hey Webdude can you elaborate ? What is exactly the business model of Headsurfer ? Why is it that you can't compete with him doing exactly the same thing ? Is this niche so small that there won't be enough room for another player ?
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    What about .name ? Is it worth registering (you only get a 3rd level domain name) ? What's the cheapest registrar for .name ?
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    regarding former free domain services

    domainzero: although I let my domain with them expire, I still regularly receive their "offers"/spam emails. namezero: although I didn't buy their "Plus" package after the 1-year "trial period" expired (but the domain is still registered to namezero), the e-mail forwarding they used to offer...
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    cheap domain hosting only for email

    I am looking for the cheapest way to host my own domain. My only requirement is: about a dozen POP3-capable email addresses for my domain. I don't need any webspace (maybe just 1kb for an index.html file!) as I don't plan to host anything on the domain. It's just being used for (personal) e-mails.
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    POP email with ownmail ?

    Have searched their site and this forum but couldn't find a definitive answer: does ownmail.com provide free POP e-mail (for your own site) like BN3 did ?Or is it only free email with a web interface ? Thanks.
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    old shareware versions

    I am looking for older versions of some popular freeware/shareware. I borrowed a laptop and accidentally scratched part of the HD including some program files (mostly free/shareware). Now I need to reinstall the stuffs that I wiped out (hopefully that'll work). I'd rather just reinstall the...
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    mp3 player

    Looking to buy a mp3 player. Any thought/advice ? (probably $300 max, preferably less)
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    new tlds

    any thought on the new tlds ? .museum ? .aero ? how come those 2 industries/services got their own tlds and not others (.movie ? .food ?)