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    Black Friday Specials

    Friday, November 23, 2001 is the Busiest Shopping day of the year. Hostified Web Hosting has a One Day Only special pricing on all our Linux Hosting plans. Black Friday Specials 50 MB storage with 5 GB Transfer Regular $14.95 per month. Today only $7 per month. 200 MB storage with 10...
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    This offer ends on 11/12/01 at 11:59pm est.
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    Hosts that charge annually...

    Most hosts seem to accept yearly payment, but most customers tend to shy away from it. It's understandable, that is why hosts offer discounts if you pay yearly.
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    World Series

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    OUR NEWEST HOSTING PLAN Hostified Web Hosting Introduces our: L-Dignified Plan 100 MB Web Space 7500 MB Transfer (per month) 35 POP3 E-Mail 5 FTP Accounts 3 Mailing Lists 3 MySQL 5 Sub-Domains Shopping Cart We are offering this plan at a special rate for a limited time...
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    What happened to valuablehost.com?

    I go to the Local Coffee Shop and order a Large Coffee first thing every morning. Cost is $1.74 including tax. If I did not get exceptional service, I am taking my .26 cents change back and they get no tip. Some times I am with my wife at night and we get two med coffees. Total including tax...
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    Special Offer

    Re: I just bought five urls do you have multible hosting? You can park Domains to the main account, but we only allow one site per account. If you need to have multiple sites, you could sign up for multiple $50 A Year accounts or visit our site for other options which may be better.
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    Special Offer

    The Limit is now set, this offer will expire on Oct 21, 2001 at 11:59pm. And we have gotten allot of confused requests, this special is yours forever once you sign up. The plan price will never change. Anyone else who is interested, please sign up ASAP.
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    Super webhost?

    A little off topic, but I think it will be appreciated here. I just received a letter from my UNLIMITED Dialup ISP saying I am online too much. I sent the letter back and asked them to define "UNLIMITED" No reply yet... It is undefinable. Unlimited means to lure unsuspecting people into...
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    Special Offer

    This offer does not come with a domain name, you would be responcible for getting and transfering your own domain name. In the near future our Domain Registration Service will open and we will most likely adopt specials that come with a Domain name too, but this offer does not.
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    Special Offer

    Python version 1.5.2 is supported in our Linux packages located here: http://www.hostified.com/linux.htm
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    Special Offer

    Connections include: Savvis OC3 Link to Internet 155Mbps Max., Verio OS3 Link to Internet 155Mbps Max., ELI DS3 Link to Internet 45Mbps Max., Time Warner DS3 Link to Internet 45Mbps Max.
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    Special Offer

    For a limited time only, Hostified Web Hosting offers: $50 A Year Hosting Storage Space 100 MB Data Transfer 5 Gigs 5 Email User Accounts 5 FTP User Accounts Unlimited Email Aliases Unlimited Email Forwarding Free Control Panel MS Frontpage Extensions Perl 5 w/CGI-Bin PHP4...
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    just another warning..!

    How could they even survive with this?
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    Should Osama be arrested?

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    30 Day free trial

    Hostified.com First 30 days free. No payment or Credit Card required unless you plan to continue your account after 30 days. Heres how it works, sign up for any plan using our pay by check form and we will not bill you until your 15th day, if you are happy, you can pay that invoice by check...
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    2checkout is a...

    We are using 2checkout.com and so far everything has been fine. We haven't had to contact them yet, but prior to signing up they got back to us rather quickly. Just figured out the custom headers and footers last night and I really like the way it is. Everything we have used so far has been...
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    Hostified.com Linux Based, Windows2000, Ala Carte Hosting $8.00 per month - $59.95 per month www.hostified.com